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  • pharinvestor pharinvestor Jul 3, 1998 10:45 PM Flag


    It is interesting and puzzling how few here ave
    appreciated the value of the recent ELAN/SHEFFIELD
    development and it's significance to both companies. Although
    a major interest of ELN in SHM was anticipated by
    post #117, and post #136 clearly understands the scope
    and extent of this venture, no one else has directly
    addressed the possible investment opportunity in SHM's
    $2.00 stock which may be the more imidiate beneficiary
    of this relationship with potentialy and
    proportionally greater return on investment possibility, due to
    it's current price.

    From what I was able to
    find, it seems that this little co. with it's
    outstanding management and other dealings is quickly and
    methodically positionig itself to be a major player in the
    Pulmonary Drug Delivery market and that Elan well
    understands it and will take an active role in this

    To those who may be more familiar, the question is;
    what is the present investment potential in SHM at
    it's current share price of $2 1/8, prior to it
    stacking all it's cards and drawing serious market
    recognition and interest?

    Will appreciate the

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    • All time high?...that's BS...this is most certainly not it's all time high. It's way off it's all time high. I've been in this for a few years. Before the tysabri debacle, it was in the mid 30s...dropped all the way to about 3 or 4 ( I don't follow it that close, so sorry if I'm off)...has climbed back up based on speculation that they will bring tysabri back...let's hope they do and it goes back to 30.

    • Bschool/All:

      No, I do not know anything
      about the dose to dose variability associated with oral
      heparin, but Elan and its partner claim blood serum levels
      achieved p.o to be in line with levels p.e. The p.o dose
      required to produce blood levels in line with p.e was 4x
      the last time I checked.

      p.o = Per
      p.e - Parenteral [usually intravenous].

    • Bapchaman,
      You seem to have a good handle on
      Elan & Rx industry in general. Oral heparin sounds
      interesting; certainly if it was
      developed, those selling
      it would have instant recognition. But
      with the
      2b-3a receptor agonists (particularly in PO form)
      the hot item in research & development (including
      RPR, which is developing their own, in addition to
      several other big pharma companies) what, if any,
      advantages would the PO heparin have over the 2b-3a's? Over
      Thanks for your insights.

    • Thanks, Do you know anything about the dose to dose variability associated with oral heparin?

    • Elan owns an equity interest in Emisphere, and
      has options to increase ownership depending on the
      success of the product. The market for oral heparin is of
      the order of $500 Million a year.

      If the
      technology could be extended to Low Molecular Weight Heparin
      [LMWH] - that is if say, RPR's Lovenox could be packaged
      into a pill with good bio availability, then the
      market potential is even greater.

      For Elan's drug
      delivery group, the biggest potential blockbuster is the
      one that they are working with JNJ's Janssen division
      on [I do not know what compound it is, but I wish I
      did (ELN is very secretive about the Janssen


    • I'm am interested in obtaining information about
      Elan's joint venture with Emisphere to produce an oral
      heparin product for DVT. The formulation is currently in
      a double-blinded PII trial which is scheduled to be
      completed in September. This JV seems to have much promise
      based on the results of four PI trials, and much
      interest has been expressed by big pharmas seeking oral
      heparin delivery for indications other than DVT.
      Evidentently, everyone is waiting to see the results of this
      trial, which if favorable, could be a huge event for
      both elan and emisphere.

      Is anyone familiar
      with this issue? If so, any insight would be
      appreciated. Also can anyone speak to the dose to dose
      variability associated with this product. Thanks.

    • The last plan I heard was to submit a NDA for ziconotide to the FDA this quarter. Then I suppose you might have to tack on nine months for the approval.

    • Thank you very much for the info. Is there any talk of a split now? Also what have you heard about Neurex'x SNX-111 getting approval? When do u think they will submit?

    • The last split in ELN's stock was a 2 for 1 in August 1996. Prior to that, there was a 3 for 2 in 1992 or 1993 - when the stock was traded on the AMEX.


    • When was the last time Elan split? Was it a 2 for 1 split?

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