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  • heikothiem heikothiem Aug 14, 1998 11:08 AM Flag

    Research Report Available on Drug Delive

    Inhale Therapeutics (INHL - 28)

    Target: $200

    Thieme Associates expects Inhale to
    revolutionize drug
    delivery for large-molecule, protein
    pharmaceuticals. We anticipate the company's first
    product will be inhaled insulin targeting a
    population of almost 175 million diabetics
    worldwide by
    the year 2003. In addition, partnerships
    with the
    likes of Pfizer, Baxter, and Eli Lilly are
    the development of a rich product

    For a free report, including a copy of Heiko
    August issue of The Viewpoint/Der Standpunkt
    investment strategy, send your request to:

    * email:

    * Be sure to request the report on Inhale

    Include your name and address and the material will

    be sent by mail.

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    • Thanks very much.

    • Elan has been a great stock over the last 8
      years. I believe it is in the top 50 or so stocks for
      total return 1990 - 1997 (IBD). It tends to split at
      the 50+ level but hasn't yet. The company has a very
      good growth rate that I believe is accelerating (last
      quarter was +40% income +80% revenues). It is targeting
      $1 billion revenue by 2001 (currently $600 million)
      but could likely exceed that. I have seen analysts
      claim that it has a terrific drug pipeline that rivals
      competitors 10 times larger but I am not entirely sure of
      this. It does have some good potential drugs in the
      pipeline. The company has been on an acquisition binge of
      late and has continued to grow the company. I think
      the Neurex acquisition will be great and it will
      probably buy Sheffield in the future and start a pulmonary
      drug division with it. Hope this helps. Any
      corrections if needed?

    • Thank everyone for the message history. I bought
      eln today at $61. But I'm afraid I bought in
      ignorance. Is it possible for someone to summerize the
      merger/stock split history. And where do we appear to be
      going. I know this is lazy of me to ask but I would
      appreciate any help.

    • As Elan's Chairman noted in the q2 earnings
      release of 7/22/98, ELAN has established a joint venture
      for pulmonary drug delivery with SHEFFIELD
      PHARMACEUTICALS (SHM;ASE,$1.50). While there may be many winners
      in this growing market segment, my bet is with Elan
      and Sheffield.

      • 1 Reply to CPRAU
      • Elan's #1 pulmonary delivery system is their
        joint effort with Dura Pharma - Spiros [SDCOZ.NASDAQ].
        The guys pushing SHM on the ELN-Yahoo board must
        realize that ELN's financial stake in SHM is 10 times
        smaller than their interest in Spiros/Dura.

        players in the pulmonary drug delivery market include the
        Fisons division of Rhone-Poulenc Rorer; 3M's pharma
        division [Riker]; Inhale Therapeutics [who recently got
        the kiss of death by getting endorsed by Heiko