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  • MCROC43 MCROC43 Dec 29, 1999 1:39 PM Flag

    CNBC 12/29/99 - 9:08:02 AM

    I see two bits of information this morning. One
    has ELN coming out with a revolutionary new pain
    killer. ELN is up .60 cents. The other stock, QCOM, a
    stock that has gone from 25$ to 620$ in the last few
    months is up 120$ today, (and on the basis of one
    analyst), going to reach 1,000$. Go Figure.

    • Fortunately, I own both QCOM and ELN. I have
      added to my position in ELN. I feel that alot of money
      is being transfered and kept in the techs because of
      the santa claus rally. This is probably helping to
      keep things quiet in other sectors like the drug
      delivery and pharma. As soon as the tech start to correct
      a little, I feel we should some some money flow
      back to this sector. I think its just a timing thing.
      We should be flying high in the near