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  • buylowest buylowest Jul 18, 2000 8:41 AM Flag

    ELN Analysts Info Needed, Please

    Can anyone put names to the ratings and earnings
    estimates? Feel free to post, or to email me at Thanks.

    Number of brokers recommending

    Months Ago . . . . . 0 . . . . 1 . . . . 2 . . . . 3

    Strong Buy. . . . . . . 7 . . . . 7 . . . . 7 . . . .
    Moderate Buy . . . . 9 . . . . 9 . . . . 8 . . . .
    Hold . . . . . . . . . . . 3 . . . . 3 . . . . 4 . . .
    . 3
    Moderate Sell . . . . . 0 . . . . 0 . . . .
    0 . . . . 0
    Strong Sell . . . . . . . . 0 . . .
    . 0 . . . . 0 . . . . 0

    Earnings Est. . . .
    . . Q2 . . . Q 3 . . 2000 . . 2001
    Avg Estimate
    . . . . .35 . .40 . . 1.53 . . 1.87
    Low Estimate
    . . . .35 . .39 . . 1.50 . . 1.80
    High Estimate
    . . . . .36 . .42 . . 1.56 . . 1.95
    Year Ago . .
    . . . . .29 . . . n/a . 1.24 . . 1.53
    EPS Growth
    . . . 21.75% . n/a . 23.16% . 22.30


    A.G. Edwards and Sons Inc.
    ABN AMRO Inc.
    Banc of
    America Securities LLC
    CIBC World Markets
    Suisse First Boston Corp.
    Deutsche Bank
    Donaldson Lufkin and Jenrette Securities
    Fahnestock and Co. Inc.
    Goldman Sachs and Co.
    and Co.
    J.W. Genesis Capital Markets
    Lehman Brothers Inc.
    Merrill Lynch and Co.
    Stanley Dean Witter and Co.
    Prudential Securities
    S G Cowen Securities Corp.
    Salomon Smith Barney
    Tucker Anthony Cleary Gull
    UBS Warburg
    Blair and Co.

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    • The correct form is: today's (this means
      pertaining to today)
      Incorrect form: todays (this is the
      plural of today)
      This is probably why you failed

      Punctuation marks belong inside closing quotation marks,
      like: "homework," not like "homework",
      The latter
      practice is only used by EuroTrash

      While innovation is ordinarily commendable, your
      coinage "quacky" is disallowed, unless it means "like the
      sound of a duck" or "like an unlicensed medical

      Psychiatric medicine has no treatments to offer for
      "indicated" or generic disease. There is no scientific
      evidence for this assertion. You need to check your

      When mentioning the seasons of the year, it is
      appropriate to capitalize. Thus, the "fall of Gulag" should
      be the "Fall of Gulag" unless you mean the fall of
      THE Gulag, which is almost literary. Either way,
      another missed boat.

      You must stop thinking of
      yourself as "amended." You are probably OK except for a
      few loose connections. The Constitution has been
      amended, but of course one of those was so bad it had to
      be unamended as well.

      Stupidity is just one
      thing. Not two things. So you need to write "the evil of
      stupidity" not "the evils of stupidity."

      You seem to
      believe that there is something sinister in being
      left-handed. There is no scientific evidence for this

      Since "i_am_in_charge_here" as designated by Yahoo!, I
      find in favor of slugeau.

      However, I amend your
      punishment, and commute your expulsion to a sentence in an
      alternative school. There you will receive the special help
      you need to be useful to yourself and others.

    • Again, you have demonstrated a mental condition
      necessitating psychiatric help. Perhaps with todays
      neurological advances, and knowledge of brain chemistry you
      might one day find a way back to reality..

      last post appears to be particularly agitated,
      rambling on suspiciously about "failure to do homework",
      followed by some quacky remark of "failing detention".
      Your compulsive nature continues to be revealed when
      you demand "understanding instructions" This remark
      is most revealing, for it indicates obsession and
      compulsion. Might I inquire WHOSE instructions must be
      followed? Your present stage of mental illness continues to
      delude rational thought, for you actually believe you
      may "expel" offensive opinions from the message

      Perhaps it is that longing for the good
      old days before the fall of Gulag, when opinionated
      dissenters and objectors were not only dismissed, thrown
      into prisons, but tortured and annihilated as well.
      Today, with the demise of the blatantly evil ones, the
      Artful Dodgers remaining seek to evade, trash and
      destroy. Like the past eight years in American politics
      when the manipulators blamed right wing conspiracies
      for errors of judgment, and a citizenry was left to
      ponder the meaning of the word "is".

      disturbing to the controlling element among us is todays
      focus upon our FIRST great amendment, a living
      breathing document that absolutely prohibits laws abridging
      freedom of speech and press.

      The evils of
      stupidity befall those who believe that lefties leave as
      their legacy anything other than a landscape devastated
      by the litter of trashed individual freedom.

    • Again, you have failed to do your homework, and
      you have failed detention.

      The word is
      "unalienable" not "inalienable" and it is from the Declaration
      of Independence, not the Constitution.

      makes both parts of your answer incorrect.

      have failed to demonstrate that you can read, or
      write, or understand simple instructions.

      Accordingly you are expelled.

      My comments regarding
      the evils of stupidity stand. You represent precisely
      what is endangering our vital liberties and

      I remain yours in the eternal struggle to increase
      people's equity and ROI.

    • Surely you jest?

      The fact that left-wing
      socialists in Britain are concerned about
      surveillance of
      child molesters, pediphiles, and perverts surprises me
      not at all.

      My comments regarding the evils of
      socialism resulting in the erosion of personal and
      individual liberty state precisely what is endangered in

      Every action by government that restricts
      personal freedom, whether in health care or education,
      that dictates who shall receive what belongs to the
      accomplishments of others, that redistributes the income of
      others, that grants affirmative action to others on the
      basis of favor, not ability, that gives-away placements
      at select universities on basis of favor, is an
      infringement on the rights of every citizen, thus
      the threshold as to WHAT government is permitted to
      remove from the citizenry. Most of these would NEVER be
      found "constitutionally correct" by any rational
      interpetation of what the founders intended. However, an
      activist, socialist court removes personal rights so
      easily, our
      unique inalienable rights are

      You MUST for the protection of the First Amendment
      Rights of the YAHOO poster, submit to the laboratory for
      genetic testing. Hopefully, some treatment may enlighten
      you as to the benefits of the fall of the wall in
      Europe, and make lefties, whether Communists or
      Socialists less welcome the world over.

    • Maybe you missed the news.

      The people
      fighting in the UK against the proposals for email
      surveillance are the left-wing SOCIALISTS you seem to think
      want your dirty underwear, and CORPORATIONS, unlikely
      allies you may think, but they understand the value of
      confidentiality and privacy, too.

      You are assigned to
      detention until you do five current events homework
      assignments that correctly understand stories from the
      mainstream press. Five DIFFERENT stories.

      Now go fix
      the safety pin on your senior diaper and stop
      annoying the competent adults.

    • These ARE conversations.

      Certain political
      types fear freedom of internet conversations
      particularly. The ability to communicate quickly and
      efficiently stirs up deep agitation among those who would
      suppress, claiming the public good or whatever, and they
      will seek ways to curtail the criticisms and opinions
      that threaten them.

      Certain Americans of the
      past also heeded warnings of danger, as an example
      consider the freedom fighters of long ago. Paul Revere's
      heroic ride comes to mind. I am sure many today would
      consider Revere an hysterical freedom fighter, calling
      warnings through the night, a radical seeking to overthrow
      the robber tax and spenders. And replacing them with
      the founders of individual liberty.

      warnings may be issued instantly via internet, and your
      rights in a free society to voice your concerns and
      OPINIONS must be defended lest they become

      Regarding Britain and e-mail intervention. This does not
      surprise, for Socialism by its very nature restricts
      personal and individual freedom.

      I have always
      believed the threat of suppression of liberties comes from
      the left. You cannot tax, redistribute wealth,
      control business, incorporate endless Government
      controls, without penalizing basic individual freedoms.

      Socialism is but the prelude to tyranny. Once a population
      has been innoculated by the left to accept ever more
      government control over the lives of the people, the basic
      constitutional rights of individual freedoms are at risk. Always
      remember not to let USA Government restrict your freedom
      to voice outrage and opinion. Without fear.

    • [continued]

      As previously stated, I see
      these msg boards as akin to conversations. They
      constitute a new way of peaceful assembly. The words that
      are thrown are just that - words that are thrown.
      They are not sticks. They are not stones. The great
      thing about these conversations is they can get heated,
      but a fist-fight can't break out in cyberspace. Yup,
      folks can voice opinions that, if they weren't
      anonymous, they wouldn't dare utter. But, Americans do have
      the right to peaceful assembly, and we do have the
      right to express our opinions, especially in casual

      Now, the simple truth is that anything posted on these
      msg boards is OPINION, unless explicitly identified
      as fact by the poster. Even then, it could well be
      that the 'fact' is merely the poster's opinion. Yahoo!
      recognizes that in their "Reminder" - Don't forget it:
      "These messages are only the opinion of the poster, are
      no substitute for your own research, and should not
      be relied upon for trading or any other purpose."
      That's all there is to it. Posters don't need
      disclaimers - We're posting under a blanket disclaimer,
      courtesy of Yahoo!

      The censorship advocates would
      have us accept that certain words or phrasing
      constitutes CRIMINAL SPEECH on these boards. If a poster
      writes that a certain public figure is a crook, we have
      a CRIMINAL poster. If the poster writes that the
      poster 'thinks' the public figure is a crook, the poster
      is innocent of crime. Then we get into drawing lines
      and we can't even agree on that. Just like profanity
      is in the mind of the beholder, so is 'the line'
      between criminal speech guilt and innocence.

      the fact is that the first phasing is implicitly
      opinion. The poster may not have written "I think" the
      public figure is a crook, but when I read it, I know
      it's the poster's opinion. We don't have to preface
      every sentence w/IMO to avoid committing speech crimes.
      This is abuncha nitpicking, fault-finding, legalistic
      crap! And don't forget Yahoo!'s blanket

      Personally, I don't care if a poster wants to claim that some
      public figure is a convicted felon. Show the case # and
      an abstract, and I might buy it. It's all in the
      realm of rumor to me, anyway. That's what folks need to
      understand about this unique new medium - You can't believe
      anything pseudonymous posters write here. You do your own
      DD, and accept the consequences for your own
      investment decisions. That's how individual 'responsibility'
      works. Reading a msg board doesn't constitute DD any
      more than following the calls of Wall Street analysts
      like a lemming.

      Readers may enjoy Jon Katz's
      interesting perspective from his most recent commentary at
      The Freedom Forum where he suggests we have two 1st
      Internet creates 'freer' place for First

      "The danger of censorship in cultural media increases
      in proportion to the degree to which one approaches
      the winning of a mass audience."
      - James Farrell

    • This is from Zacks:

      7/5/00 _____BUY-AGGRESSIVE
      DEUTSCHE BANK______
      6/30/00 _____BUY
      BANC OF AMERICA_____ 6/29/00
      _____STRONG BUY
      PRUDENTIAL_____ 6/29/00
      GRUNTAL______ 6/28/00 _____OUTPERFORM
      S.G.COWEN_____ 6/28/00
      TUCKER ANTHONY_____ 6/23/00 _____STRONG
      FAHNESTOCK_____ 5/31/00 _____BUY
      WARBURG DILLON_____ 5/30/00

    • Marc Goodman
      Morgan Stanley Dean
      Report Dated 5/3/00
      Rating: Neutral
      EPS Estimates:
      2000E = 1.53, 2001E = 1.80

      Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette
      Report Dated
      Rating: Buy
      EPS Estimates: 2000E = 1.51; 2001E = 1.89

    • No basis.
      No reasonable basis for their

      So even if NY Slapp statutes are somehow found not
      applicable(which I hold can not be denied applicable),[paraphasing
      here a little]
      the plaintiffs need to show they
      had a reasonable basis for their claims.

      JUST do not see any possibilty of "a reasonable basis
      for their claims."

      Just aint there

      So i'll just fade away for awhile. For you who are
      wondering I am not one of the ELN eleven (yet?), unless
      they dont like me. I just drifted in with the SLAPP
      suit news.

      going on summer vacation, but i'll
      post some more in about 3 weeks.
      GOOD LUCK ELN 11
      Don't let the bastards wear you down.

      ps would
      someone please re-post that wonderful pic with the funny
      picture with $1Million phrase of groovy baby, shagadelic

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