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công ty Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Message Board

  • Happy to see who they appointed as the new cfo. A good cfo can mean an awful lot to a company.i

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    • Never fear profit hunters.
      RMCF is totally
      dedicated to abandoning its existing retail distribution
      system. What I think it's going to find , is that a
      diversified distribution system is more complex than shipping
      some product out to Pennys, Sam's Club, etc. It
      requires on the site assistance from a national brokerage
      system or equivelant to assure product availability,
      rotation, presentation, etc. RMCF has no such
      The result? It will make a hash out of
      "alternative distribution". But HEY, it has abandoned the idea
      of franchising (the "burn the bridges idea") and it
      can't afford
      to build its own retail alternatives when the truth comes to roost? Sell
      the business.....and profit hunters will be rewarded
      by the demise of RMCF as an independent company.
      Keep the faith. Profits are there, not because
      management knows what it is doing, but because it has no

    • Activity should increase. The strongest quarter
      will be reported on at the end of the month. It will
      erase a previous quarter where charges were taken for
      restructuring. EPS should be positive.

      institutions, management get it going!

    • Ooh! Finally some volume action for this one.Wonder what the impetus was?

    • I watch this board and recently bought 600 shares but its hard to get any info on whats going on with this company. And the price moves and low to nil trading volumes. I feel in the dark. Cant get much of a feel and cant decide whether to be long or short on this one. Hope others begin to convey anything they might know.

    • Who in the world would sell 500 at market? Talk about giving a trader a gift. Where are the buyers of this one?

    • The only thing not to like is the fact that the big mutual funds (large investors) are not with us. With such a small amount of float any major buying spree will drive this stock through the roof.

    • Rocky Mountain Chocolate is a great company that seels the public a great product, and this can not be disputed I am sure. No I am not with this company in any fashion, and I have tried this product and I like it.

      One must look at a company, and try and figure out why the stock took a dip, and what is the company doing about this problem, or problems. Upon looking at the company reports they are trying to do something..........what lies in their furture.....only the public, and the company knows.

    • How far removed from management are the voices you are hearing. I like this stock and I am patiently waiting for the quarter results.

      Walmart too?

    • How did you hear that this stock was finally goin to go to the teens. It have been several years since this stock was at this price, and maybe you should find out why and what is going to be done.

    • How long has this stock been at this price and lower. There was a time when the stock was as high as 18, and then it has dropped and has stayed below preformance. I would like to know what is keeping this stock at this price, and what is the company doing to instill that this matter clears up, and the market looks favoriable upon this company as a company that is going to recoup and come, and move ahead.

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