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  • ryanruiz100 ryanruiz100 Aug 5, 2008 7:22 PM Flag

    Better to be in CGMRX going forward

    Why? To be a lemming and chase performance yet again???? CGMRX has done better than CGMFX so sell CGMFX and buy CGMRX, because you think you can go back in time and benefit over the past few month's performance? You'll buy CGMRX just in time to see it go into a correction and watch CGMFX go higher. HOLD YOUR POSITIONS and ADD TO IT OVER THE NEXT 10 YRS!!!! There's no reason to sell CGMFX and buy CGMRX because one has done better than the other. Either you like the Focus/leverage strategy or the REIT sector strategy over the long term and go with one over the other. FX has had more volatility and higher returns. Acorns don't grow to oak trees over night and you don't make money in the stock market by watching it hour by hour and calculating the day's change before the fund announces it's daily numbers. This is why you buy high/sell low which is just about what you're going to do when you sell FX and buy RX for no other reason than one has performed better than the other in the past few weeks.

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