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  • juan.kehoe juan.kehoe Oct 4, 2008 11:33 AM Flag

    New Board Info


    Just a few words about our new board (and incidentally we don't need any more plenty. but that don't mean that it is closed..just that we will screen heavily.)

    I'm writing this for the benefit of good people on this board..THE SQUIRRELS I DON'T WORRY ABOUT!

    I have most of the nasty posters on ignore so I don't see this stuff but others tell me about their ranting. As bags told us, THE LOSERS WILL ALWAYS BE LOSERS..but there is a common reason for it. They somehow feel that if they can criticize or critique a winner, then that puts them on the same level as the winner..SORRY..IT DON'T WORK THAT WAY.

    Give you an example. One of the guys I have had on ignore for about a year..castro! Put him on ignore because he wanted to argue..just kept getting nastier and focus on the fact that I have not exchanged a word with this guy in a year or more. Took him off ignore 2 days ago along with others, and he was still ranting and raving about me..AFTER A YEAR! Point being that the losers simply can't live with the idea that some people are successful. They themselves don't have what it takes to get there, so they spend the most of their time tearing others down, or trying to.

    Thats why we created a new private board because this one lets all the riff raff in..while we not only screen our members, but if one slips through, we can dump him with the click of a button. I have not, and don't think others will either..abandon this board. I still like to log in occasionally, but our board is far friendlier because we try to approve only nice people, and we simply won't tolerate the nasty ones/Juan

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