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  • einsteins_brainer einsteins_brainer Dec 28, 2012 4:07 PM Flag

    why won't Obama agree to spending cuts ?

    they are the only way to get close to a balanced budget. Taxes on the rich are needed too . we need both!

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    • Because he needs to throw the right wing a bone as they threaten to stop paying the bills in 60 days. He needs the corporations to start paying some taxes again like the past. Too many pay squat.

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      • van, when the corporations pay income tax, that added expense will end up in the price of the goods, which you will pay. Low taxes for corporations are designed to accelerate growth so that in time they will be employing more people and those people will spend more. This is a profit
        driven economy. You can invest in growth by being an investor which is why you are on this board, at least in the beginning. Are you a socialist or just not a deep thinker? or arte you just plain greedy and need a handout? Do you and others herte just think you can vote a guy in to
        give you money? Do you understand the intelligent people create jobs for the non thinkers
        and that in the end the bulk of the money ends up with the smarter people and that is why we are rich and the poor are poor. Obama will be successful in throwing money at the great unwashed will typically end up in the form of feuling the Chinese Republic Army in the form
        of buba chairs and other low life junk. Let the wealthy smart people keep their money and it will be invested more wisely and have way better probability of creating jobs. What gets me is
        here you guys are investing in companies which will yeild better return if they keep their money to re invest and grow, but your overwhelming greed makes you want it now. You just can't wait can you? All of you have seen those tests where high IQ and low IQ toddlers are offered a candy now and two if they wait 5 minutes. guess what , yes. exactly the same behavior as all you lefties, now all grown up....... or not,, at least not the brain

      • may the war machine be stopped and save taxpayers billions from this nonsensical spending

    • Do you really believe posting misinformation 3 times in the span of about 1/2 hour will turn it into truth? Are you living in 1930's germany? While i won't say i'm overall pleased to see the latest development, obama now holding to the 250,000 cutoff point, i thought he'd gone up to 400,000, and as i stated before i would have liked to have seen more in the way of spending cuts, the truth is there are spending cuts in the obama proposal, substantial cuts. Just not quite substantial enough for me.

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