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  • challenge_your_limit challenge_your_limit Jan 1, 2013 7:22 PM Flag

    CBO says Senate deal adds $4 trln to deficit

    WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- The Congressional Budget OFfice estimated Tuesday that the Senate-approved deal to avert the fiscal cliff will add $4 trillion to the federal deficit over the next decade. The estimate fueled opposition to the deal among House Republicans. A spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner said the lack of spending cuts in the Senate bill was "a universal concern" among Republicans.There were signs that many Republicans want to amend the deal and send it back to the Senate.

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    • Like it or NOT...this CLOWN of prez..will make us WORSE than Greece within a year....remember I said it...

    • The GOP and the dems should be opposed to it. Let the spending cuts go into effect and raise all of the taxes. Then and only then can some of the tax increases be re-introduced. The cuts to expenditures Obama proposed almost a year ago were at least twice what the GOP proposed. The GOP has consistently been in favor of not decreasing the deficit and not raising taxes. The cliff gives Obama the biggest win of his presidency.

      Wait until next week and toss the GOP a bone. Keep all of the miliatry cuts since the Pentagon says they don't need the money amount being proposed take the billions of dollars being wasted on the military and put it into programs that people need like medicare and heath care. Allowing the military budget to remain...even though most of it is waste, is not acceptable. The only good the military budget does is insure that Senators and Republican politicians can keep jobs in their states related to the military and keep unemployment down. The military is the single biggest welfare program in the US keeping unneeded workers employed. The military is not here for our protection they exist to keep unemploymnet down and the taxpayers are paying for it. While the GOP supports keeping the unneeded expense of the government employing millions of people in useless jobs the dems should step up and say what they believe...private business, not the government should be employing people.

      A smaller military with todays advaced weapons would more than meet any defense needs we have. If the GOP wants another ground war they won't be able to do it with my tax dollars. I am tired of paying for hundreds of thousands of government workers being used to fight wars with no goals, no purpose and no hope of victory.

      The Pentagon claims our security will not be negaitvely impacted if the unneeded and unwanted funding is cut. Employing millions of people for nothing is a waste. We haven't needed that big a miliary since WWII.

      Let the cliff occur. The congress agreed that the cliff would occur if another alternative wasn't reached. It wasn't.

    • Without the deal we would be up 6 trillion more in 10 years. The Republicans decided no to comprehensive tax and spending cuts at this time , their choice. They will go at it again in 60 days

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