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  • keithpiccirillo keithpiccirillo Sep 19, 2013 8:09 PM Flag

    At foist I "dudn't" understand....

    but now I does.

    I was listening to the radio this afternoon and the topic being discussed was the issue of whether Republican's are dragging their feet on appointing any more D.C. circuit court nominees.
    I will not argue to and fro over the efficacy of the politics as my concern is with the dialect which struck me as out of place, if not peculiar.
    The main opponents speaking out against any new nominations were Jeff Sessions, Orrin Hatch Chuck Grassley, and Tom Coburn.
    These are men whom all have prestigious legal backgrounds and are well versed in speech and language, but I heard a word that I was unfamiliar with spoken by Tom Coburn, whom I believe uttered "dudn't".

    Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma also says it comes down to a cost-benefit analysis.
    "We have a lot of circuits that have a whole lot of stuff to do that don't have the capability, and we got the D.C. Circuit that doesn't (pronounced dudn't) have enough to do, and we ought to put money where we need judges," he says.

    At first I thought it was just a slip, but after looking it up, I see that it may be a Texas regional invention meaning both past and present tense of didn't and doesn't. So that was my "Cousin Vinny "yoot" moment today, which I will chuck up as humorous and give him a pass even though us Yankees probably don't butcher our country's "de facto" language, at least in the same way.
    It is altogether good and fitting that this New Englander reads the vernacular of Samuel Clemens, whose candle went out in Connecticut but could capture Southern dialects like few else could.

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    • Keith, I respect the effort you put into analysis of stocks, mutual funds, and the market in general. Perhaps over time you can beat the Total Market Index, and perhaps you cannot, MOST "dudn't".. But it would appear, (whether you are "foist" referrring to Moe, Larry, or Curly) that your true politics have been exposed. Most , including myself intensely despised Spiro Agnew's "effete cultural snob" comment way back when. I can only hope you have not brought the former WW2 vet, former VP, and "no contest" to tax evasion and bribe taking to being correct about those who believe themselves among the elite. .Regards....."dudn't"

    • Yes, dudn't. You have to understand ole tex down there. He doesn't know if he is or he was. Just like he doesn't know if he's coming or going. That's why he coined the word. Too bad davy crockett went and fought for the wrong side. Forget the alamo. We've got enough gas, they can keep their oil.

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