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  • rivvir rivvir Sep 26, 2013 6:19 PM Flag

    "said heebner,

    whose $1.5 billion CGM Focus Fund (CGMFX) has beaten 99 percent of rivals over the past year."

    Just in case you people didn't read the story.

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    • 1.5 billion? Heebner did so bad the last few years, other than this PAST 12 months, that the amount of money has decreased by 2 or 3 fold Iin this fund. In other words, people pulled their money out of it. And yes, he was the man for a decade before that. Go for it.............HAHAHAHAHAHA, I took what was left and put it in POAGX. If you like one year wonders at this point in time I suggest you pile into ONE STOCK.

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      • Hello iggly. Must'a been your negative waves that got me up early this morning. Must'a been those waves that pushed me to find out how to take someone off ignore for the moment. I see i don't even have to take you off ignore, all i have to do is hit the flag and choose the see post option. Nice to know for future use. Though maybe not. I might waste more time looking at your useless posts.

        You can laugh all you want, but i didn't start making mention of the heebner pattern until around march of last year. The pattern of well outperforming on the good days and well under performing on the bad. It wasn't until around march of last year that i mentioned if someone thought the market would be up point to point for any length of time that cgmfx was a fund to look at. It wasn't until around march of last year that i noted i was gonna let what i had with him ride instead of switching all the rest i had with him into the yacks. Several months early as i recall, since he was basically bouncing back and forth at the time, almost going nowhere but still on a slight uptrend.

        Would i expect you to have gotten the point? Of course not. So i made more money than you and your poagx over this past year, and it looks like i've a good shot at making more money than you and your poagx for the foreseeable future, again point to point, as long as the economy improves and the stock market continues to rise.

        You're useless iggly. Why did i think you might have something interesting to say in this thread. Your market savvy is on an even lower level than is your political. Your HAHAHAHAH only serves to display to all your utter stupidity, and it's been trumped by my ROTFLMFAO!!! Bye bye little fella.

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