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  • denny.crane66 denny.crane66 Sep 27, 2013 10:28 AM Flag



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    • HAHA. You said you did buy oracle. You said you put me on ignore.
      Everything you say is a lie. But I knew you didn't buy because you don't have a brokerage account.
      Is it enjoyable to post lies on the message board?
      Get a life, Troll.

      Yes I am Vomit. And I'm a thousand times smarter and richer than you.

    • WHY! WHY buy ORCL? Earnings are out and are Blah!. The stock has been mostly dead money in a hot market. Fund managers told Ellison to reduce his salary or they would drive down the pps to $5.00. So Larry reduced his 97 million dollar/yr salary. ? What will cloud computing do to ORCL,s business? Cloud is out of house and ORCL is in house.
      Want some tech? Buy the Q's. Compare the Q's to Oracle over the past 10 years and get back to me.
      Doesn't make any difference anyway, as I I doubt Denny Dimwit even has a brokerage account.
      /Eddie Haskel, Wally and Beaver's friend.

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      • thanks I think you are vomit, sounds like him, anyway I posted that because Ellison won the cup, but I did not know anything at all about the company other than its long term performance which was very good and of course his huge compensation. But I knew vomit could likely not resist schooling me as he has done previously, so I posted it knowing Vom would do my homework for me
        Anyway thanks for the advice , I actually did not buy it, was waiting for your wisdom, thanks again

    • you have to feel sorry for the tea party folks. they carry a gun because they live in a ghetto and don't have enough money to rent a u haul trailer and leave.

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      • Wow, what a condescending and classifying attitude you have based on politics of those that differ from you. I sense envy and hate emanating from you corvette. Complete waste of time. IGNORE.

      • The thangs don't like it, let them go find a better cave and move to it.

        I see the heading on the liberalism and detroit. I sure hope that thang listed near total corporate mismanagement in the auto biz as one of the ways. I'm sure it did(n't;how could it have, it's a thang and thangs can't cope with truth).

        Speaking of which, f doing so nicely and last i know of it's still union. See what happens when a decent management runs things? Even gm's on the rise, and that's still union, isn't it? Chrysler's not doing badly itself. Point being, yes, the unions made it difficult back when, much less so now, but an inept management, just can't overcome that. No way, no how.

        Funny how the right wing lays claim to the unions being the ones who busted the auto companies when it was the right wing which brought about the great recession and busted to nearly busted them because near no one was buying cars. It was the right wing that cost gm a bk and cost the country the support money for them. Maybe now the right wing will claim it was their plan all along since tarp overall i believe actually gives the gvt a profit when all is said and done. If they claim borrowing costs then the left can claim taxes saved, taxes at both the corporate and individual level, and unemployment costs saved. Then there's all the interest on the debt that would have had to have been taken on to make up for the tax receipts loss and the unemployment benefits.

        And that's for not just the auto makers but for all the businesses reliant on the makers. So for every spot saved in the domestic makers you can multiply that by however many additional jobs are reliant on every single maker job.

        You really think the clowns here could figure that all out? Nope, for sure.

      • you have made about a dozen posts and each one is off point and shallow, at least view is worth tormenting.
        You OTOH are not worth reading... ignore

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