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  • iggybiggies iggybiggies Sep 27, 2013 10:57 PM Flag

    Morningstar Stats: POAGX vs. CGMFX for 12 months, 3 yr, and 5 yr as of 9/27/2013

    It would seem one on the board ignores real stats: Last 12 months: POAGX: 44.25% and CGMFX 24.98%. Last 36 months: POAGX: 24.91% per annum average and CGMFX 9.09% per annum average. Past 60 months average per annum: POAGX 19.99% and CGMFX negative, yes minus 3.43%. As for me I will take performance over blind loyalty to a former great fund which now has a ONE STAR RATING from Morningstar. Hmmm, will POAGX DOUBLE CGMFX in 2013?

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    • I hope they close POAGX and keep it nimble. Net assets 4.1 BILLION. Yahoo will report less than 4 billion as it is not as up to date on growing asset base for this fund. But then, Yahoo is free, is it not?

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      • Guys: I can't believe there is anyone out there dumb enough to hang on to CGMFX. I made hundreds of thousands with it..but Hey, it #$%$ out..busted..deflated. imploded..I pulled every share years ago when it busted..I had 6 accounts with them..some of them in 6 figures. I told you previously that they didn't redeem the 6 figure accounts very quickly..I got the small ones quickly, but it was several weeks before I received checks for the big accounts. As Denny has said previously, THERE WERE SCORES OF PEOPLE WHO GOT IN LATE, HOPING TO ALSO MAKE A KILLING AND IT'S SAID THAT THEY LOST INSTEAD. But that's the way the market works..Somebody has got to lose before others can win. I really feel sorry for anyone hanging on today because there is only heartache in your future. I must tell you that we have some of the dumbest of the dumb here on this board. They have attacked and ridiculed me over the years because they simply can't understand higher financial situations...E.g. I couldn't even give you the exact figures without digging into my files..but lets just estimate..What the uneducated/inexperienced can't grasp..Lets say that I put in 200K and that at the pinnacle of FX my balance sheet/shares showed that I had risen to $800K..then it took a dive and by the time I sold I only got $600K..Service station attendants, truck drivers and the like look at it as if I lost $200k..but when I invested $200K and cashed out at $600k, my actual profit was $400k..Not a $200K loss..Granted..If I had sold at the peak, I would have profited an additional $200K but HEY LETS NOT GET TOO GREEDY! I'm happy.

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