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  • keithpiccirillo keithpiccirillo Nov 9, 2013 7:58 PM Flag

    Lyme disease...........

    Years ago I obtained Lyme disease from a tick bite and just last month got bit again. My cats!
    Luckily for me, after the tick was removed I had the bulls eye rash both times which led my doctor to administer doxycycline which kicked in after a few miserable days.
    This is the fastest growing illness, and is a quickly increasing tremendous public-health problem in the United States and cases are now growing worldwide.
    300,000 people a year are apparently infected, but not as many doctors report/or can document confirmed reports, on testing that is unreliable with false negatives that cause real harm. Further complicating matters is that as reported in Time magazine, ticks now carry 5 new bacterial born illnesses that have just been identified as originating with the deer tick.
    Baxter International (BAX) is the stock symbol for the multinational company that in April of this year has been given the inside track to conduct the initial main Phase I/II trials, which seems wonderful on initial report, until I read a piece in The New Yorker. A Dr. Lynn Shepler commented that there is a conflict of interest with one of the CDC officials who had worked for the Infectious Disease Society of America at one time, and now works for Baxter.
    The speculation/inference is that by creating a false version of the disease at the lab they get quick initial profits via a rubber stamping that a rush to market brings.Those severely afflicted will sign up quickly, and as fear and reporting rises, maybe BAX enjoys a stream of profit by inoculating people like influenza, as a slower moving and less lethal disease becomes an increasing health problem.
    The chart of BAX has been basing for a month. In the sector, BMY is #1, followed by GSX recent relative strength.
    Heeb's had no health care to speak of in last quarterly, just some Celgene (CELG) and Monsatan (MON) the Frankenstein corporation who control the world's seeds, and spread genetically modified organisms and herbicides.

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    • USDA Crop Report today reported a record 13.99 billion bushels production for USA. Most of the crop was GMO. Monsanto up over 3 bucks...............

    • Got bitten by a garrapata just last night myself. From the dogs. Wife got a baby chihuahua, 2 months old, and she insists on playing with it in bed before playing with me. Thing's a little rat with big ears, not a dog. Our other one's a shepherd mix 7 months old. Big baby. A panic seeing them play together. The cat never gets ticks. Not the first time for me being bitten. No lyme disease history though, at least not thus far. I keep an eye out for the ring. Yeah on the parasites the ticks carry inside.

      Nothing we treat them with works, except removing with a tweezer. We sink them in a bucket with a very shallow depth of water. They've got a pulse or breathe or whatever about 3 times a minute i recall, and i understand they surround themselves with an air cushion before they go under. So we just let them linger in the bucket for days. When we get enough down at the bottom i dump the water slowly, keeping them inside. Then we chuck 'em into the fire when we're finished cooking outside When they crawl high up on the exterior wall of the house and get fairly thick i take the blowtorch to them. If i get them crawling up and they haven't gotten out of reach yet i pop 'em with a cig. Boils the blood inside and they just literally pop in place. The ones full of blood just pop open. The small ones pop themselves off the wall pretty good.

      Wife brought a flyer home from the vet today. She went to pick up scheduled shots for the shepherd mix. Flyer's for something cited as new, called certifect. From "merial, a sanofi company." Not gonna maybe try it until some user reviews hit the web, if they haven't already. Waste of money probably.

      Awful low on healthcare assets myself. All the unh i had from 35 and 40 got sold this year, all but 100 of the pfizer the same. Only the hqh fund is left plus some of the rite aid i've had since around a buck. Woefully underweighted in the sector. Can't find a bargain.

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