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  • keithpiccirillo keithpiccirillo Nov 14, 2013 7:40 AM Flag

    The Crash of 2016: The Plot to Destroy America--and What We Can Do to Stop It

    Listening to the radio yesterday I heard a guy hawking his new book, so I gave a listen and it lines up with others that I've been reading and they all pretty much fit within my ideology and belief system as to who runs things, and its NOT who most uneducated Americans think does.

    "The United States is in the midst of an economic implosion that could make the Great Depression look like child's play. In THE CRASH OF 2016, Thomas Hartmann argues that the facade of our once-great United States will soon disintegrate to reveal the rotting core where corporate and billionaire power and greed have replaced democratic infrastructure and governance. Our once-enlightened political and economic systems have been manipulated to ensure the success of only a fraction of the population at the expense of the rest of us.


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    • We have what the author calls a "Royalist Conspiracy".
      THOM HARTMANN: "We are seeing a repeat of what we saw in the 1920s, what we saw in the 1850s, what we saw in the 1760s and 1770s, which is, basically, very wealthy, very powerful interests rising up and—you know, they’re anti—fundamentally anti-democratic. They’re trying to create an oligarchic form of government, and in many cases succeeding. It’s the war of the rich against the poor and the working—the working people, the middle class, in short summary."
      Every once in a while when the cycle is influenced by big money policy changes, real estate crashes and plutocrats can pick it up and get rich while the poor sap who just happened to buy for the first time or someone who is either overleveraged, clueless or both gets duped out of a large part of their assets. This is done by design.
      The full transcript can be read at democracy N ow Org.

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      • "...when the cycle is influenced by big money policy changes, real estate crashes and plutocrats can pick it up and get rich..."

        Or when you throw some japanese into internment camps because their faces look/are colored very different from ours. A german face, an italian face, all the faces of the other axis subordinate countries. I guess they looked too much like "us" to throw in jail for doing nothing illegal, and they were our forebears. Does anyone ever really believe the majority has to be right in a democracy?

        Deomcracy now, isn't that amy somebody? Pretty sure it is. Caught her show on tv a couple of times in the past. Not more than a few minutes each time though. I guess i didn't find her media type appealing enough. Too low key.

    • "...and its NOT who most uneducated Americans think does."

      Keith, don't write about politics here, stick to the stock market. When you get to writing on politics you display a certain naïveté. The American people already know that, even the uneducated. Many may, however, not be aware of how we got to where we are now, on the road back to the time of the magnates.

      Well, at least you didn't have to work 24 hours a day for a few cents, only 16 hours. And we got sunday off so we could go to church, bless their religious hearts for allowing that. Probably thought they were keeping themselves out of hell by letting you go to church. Your kids didn't go to work to help support the family until they were 6 years old. Or a bit older for the work in the mines. Oh, how green was my valley back then.

    • The result is a "for the rich, by the rich" scheme leading to policies that only benefit the highest bidders. Hartmann outlines the destructive forces-planted by Lewis Powell in 1971 and come to fruition with the "Reagan Revolution"-that have looted our nation over the past decade, and how their actions fit into a cycle of American history that lets such forces rise to power every four generations.

      However, a backlash is now palpable against the "economic royalists"-a term coined by FDR to describe those hoarding power and wealth-including the banksters, oligarchs, and politicians who have plunged our nation into economic chaos and social instability.

      Although we are in the midst of what could become the most catastrophic economic crash in American History, a way forward is emerging, just as it did in the previous great crashes of the 1760s, 1856, and 1929. The choices we make now will redefine American culture. Before us stands a genuine opportunity to embrace the moral motive over the profit motive-and to rebuild the American economic model that once yielded great success.

      Thoroughly researched and passionately argued, THE CRASH OF 2016 is not just a roadmap to redemption in post-Crash America, but a critical wake-up call, challenging us to act. Only if the right reforms are enacted and the moral choices are made, can we avert disaster and make our nation whole again.

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