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  • rivvir rivvir Nov 14, 2013 6:43 PM Flag


    Got hurt off two issues in their top 10, cisco and viacom. 8 of the 10 showed gains, those 2 showed steep losses. Could yacktman be the new cgmfx of old? - Lol

    P.s. - don't bet on it

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    • Is it Steve taking over from Don? I HAVE wondered the same thing. On the other hand, the Y funds have had their 3 or 4 yr. dry periods, while they hung onto cash reserves. On the other hand, I have about 20 years left..............give or take ........we will see wont we?

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      • I know you've brought that up before, the taking over, but i'm pretty darned sure the old man's still there putting in the same work he did prior. They simply got hit on those two issues today. 8 of their top 10 holdings were up. Normally that would mean a good gain. Unfortunately the two that got hit were hit by significant losses, one, csco, simply got blasted.

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