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  • keithpiccirillo keithpiccirillo Nov 20, 2013 6:04 PM Flag

    Warsaw climate talks the past two weeks.....

    A bloc of 132 countries exited the Warsaw conference after rich nations refuse to discuss climate change recompense until after 2015.The aim is to forge a legally binding global climate treaty in Poland to cut carbon emissions.
    What's new is that small countries want "reparations" for big countries polluting and trying to adjudicate in their favor the climate that wreaks havoc on their country (see Phillipines activists) Germany just finished paying off WWI reparations two years ago.
    U.S. always drags its feet, and over 130 countries including China walked out, which is an irony of sorts.
    The goal is to to have a signed agreement in Paris in 2015 and to come into force by 2020, that would involve substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from all the major economies, as well as commitments from poorer countries. Coal has been the dirty carbon producer that everyone agrees has to be limited to make headway; see how poorly KOL has performed.
    It has been said that "The climate crisis of the 21st century has been caused largely by just 90 companies, which between them produced nearly two-thirds of the greenhouse gas emissions generated since the dawning of the industrial age, new research suggests."
    Solar sector (TAN) has been the best ETF this year.

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    • Sounds like the "rich" .....or should we replace rich with "smart" countries are not buying the "Gore" handbook on global warming.... oh.... now that it is not warming we call it climate crisis...... That should keep the heat off them to actually prove something.. Btw the coral reefs in the Florida Keys are dying because of airborne bacteria arriving from west Africa dirt farmers who have no knowledge or desire to contain all the dirt they stir up and put into the atmosphere

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      • Denny: Re Gold Outperforming stocks..It's all in the eye of the beholder. In my eyes, Gold always has and always will outperform everything else. But you have to have an analytical mind to see and understand that. Beaver and his cronies always think on a very small scale because they don't know how to think about or discuss reality. That's because they dream of what they would do if they had money. I told you that the term "Faraday" would be above their heads but beaver will google it and have some google answers but he will still not know any more than when he started. You can post some google answers about anything but they just show that you yourself don't have a clue..just reading google answers. You can for example google "Boeing 747" but that don't mean you can build one. So on have to ask yourself what does mankind want..Any Man...Their answers will be varied but all will equate in some way to warmth, pleasure, entertainment etc etc..Different things and gizmos bring the aforementioned to various and different people but gold, for thousands of years, it has been the means with which to acquire everything else. My gold is not expected to perform..IT'S THERE FOR WHATEVER IS NEEDED..YESTERDAY, TODAY AND FOREVER AS LONG AS TIME EXISTS! Beaver used to say for example that I have money I should travel in Europe..DONE THAT! Do it again..DONE THAT TOO! You see he dreams all this stuff up because it's out of his reach so he dreams about it and thinks I and everyone else should have the same dreams he has. Once you have money however, to do anything you wish...YOU FIND THAT THERE AREN'T MANY THINGS YOU WISH FOR BECAUSE YOUR DREAMS YOU HAD PREVIOUSLY WERE BASICALLY JUST WISHING FOR THINGS YOU COULDN'T HAVE. Once those things are within your reach, you find that you really didn't want them in the first place..just wishing for what you couldn't have.

    • "...including China walked out, which is an irony of sorts."

      Probably walked because the US was on the other side of the issue. So many days there their people can't see their hands in front of their face because of the coal pollution. They do say they are going to do something about it. I wouldn't be surprised if they actually do. The US, money stands in the way. Too much expenditure for those who make too much themselves. By the time there's enough proof to get them to even admit throwing fuel on a fire won't make it go away it just may be too late. But an extra a-bomb, hey, worth the defense expense.

      Was gonna post a thread to you but since you're here already... What do you think of today's gain in the fund? Sure surprised me. Pleasantly.

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      • Yeah he was green today, but barely so. Don't look at the Dow to track Heeb's, SPX is a truer large index gauge.
        There was an outperform of SPX by half a percent which is a little bit of a surprise, home builders eked out a gain, financials eked out a loss.
        With a wild trader like him, he only needs one good trade to make or break his ending day value when everything else in the portfolio moves only half a percent.
        He also has some new positions that we will see this week or next.
        That treasury short is a wild card also.

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