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  • Howie58 Howie58 Nov 29, 2002 11:34 PM Flag

    sigma blowout sale


    With an average price of just over $3.40 I'd be happy to see TRIB escalate in price. With that said, here's my response:

    1) In speaking of the street my referent is to the stock market in general rather than Wall Street specifically.

    2) While I don't condone the hypster-approach one can at least say that people pay attention to OSUR

    3) Sequenom (SQNM) which has a relationship with Hibergen trades just north of $2.00 and has never earned a profit but has some institutional following. . . .I suspect that the nature of their business (genetic assay) has a lot more "sex appeal" than TRIB's products. For that matter, I would probably take a shot at RIGL at $1.37 or so than TRIB, because while I may wake up one morning with nada, their pipeline, if funded, could yield a huge reward. At best, I see TRIB as a market performer, to use an unfortunate but probably accurate description.

    4) Penny stocks are always a crap shoot. I readily admit that TRIB's pedigree is better than most. But that doesn't mean it is stellar. My sense is that its business is unexciting to most. Hibergen may pay off at some juncture--where or when is anybody's guess. And I believe that investors can "rationally" try to factor that in its value--which is probably so far off they discount it to nothing.

    5) About a decade ago Abe Brillin dissected Conseco's accounting in Barrons that in many respects applies to TYCO, TRIB, or any other company that has frequent acquisitions. Per my earlier post, it becomes difficult to "trust" EPS on a quarterly basis because there are the adjustments for acquisitions. EPS growth may be ephemeral given the "apples and oranges" comparisons that are implied in serial acquisitions. Do I think that TRIB is a potential CNC? No, but the reasoning applies.

    5) Your comments RE: civility are much appreciated.

    Best wishes.


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