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  • tmcnicho tmcnicho Jun 30, 2005 5:05 AM Flag


    The donation to me looks a sign of weakness. THey are obviously not selling enough and have to move the stock. Maybe a planned big deal fell through and they're left with the stuff on their hands. Companies with great products generally can't keep up with demand, this looks like a case of nobody wanting to buy the stuff.

    THe diagnostics market is such a nice place to be, I hope these guys can pull it off. Unfortunately hope comes before a fall.


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    • The donation is NOT a sign of weakness � If you have lots on stock with expire date in 2005 � as no one want to by your rocket science for cash ,
      be strong, and block the sales for the competitors��. better to block these sales than to scrap your scrap.
      At least you can report all as marketing cost for taxes and investors.
      They are strong they make everybody happy, urghhhhhhh.

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      • About the donation:

        1) I doubt that TRIB has much stock about to expire, since they have been doing great sales into Africa.
        2) That being said, procurements for national programs require a certain amount (long) of shelf life upon arrival, so as a normal process of inventory management, there may be a limited quantity with short shelf life. After all, they are only talking about 15,000 tests.
        3) I think it is a great idea. Clinics in the US don't know about Unigold, and automatically think "Oraquick". When they get exposed to a cheaper product that is also quicker, sales in the US should take off.


    • This is a classic PR move. I would not read anyt more into the donation.

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      • I see it as a marketing tool to spread some tests across the U.S.

        From my meetings I know Trinity has the disadvantage ( time lag ) getting the FDA clearance after Orasure and Orasure made some contracts. It is a battle on each customer after the product in stock is getting empty.

        By the way, if I am correct the tests are usable at least 12 month.

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