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  • youandicollide1234 youandicollide1234 Oct 25, 2006 12:38 PM Flag

    I Am So So Sorry This Is Happening To You

    This is horrible. Just horrible. Folks, if you are new to this stock I am so very very sorry. I mean, how could you have known? Really. Unless someone is constantly on this message board warning newcomers; it is easy to get trapped. I mean TRIB does make money. Not alot; but some. They seem to be in an attractive business. Sales seem to be going up. But that is all VERY misleading. You have to know the contempt with which management of TRIB holds for you as a shareholder. And how could you really know that unless you have been exposed to it. It is such a shame. MOST Company's look to grow earnings. Look to cut 'fat' and waste and other costs and try to increase earnings. NOT TRIB. All they care about is growing sales. At the expense of earnings or not; it doesn't matter to management. So if they have to dilute you 9 ways to Sunday in order to acquire some more sales; they will do it EVERY time. And it just means that earning stay flat or go down. Please do yourselves a favor and be done with this crap. Management needs to be taught a lesson. ALL the shareholder should leave. Every last one. Let management play in their own little sandbox without any 'friends'. Life can getting pretty boring and lonely that way....

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