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  • mjw59801 mjw59801 Feb 14, 2013 12:18 PM Flag

    Is the Patent a Game-Changer?


    This could go so many directions. AVIS is IDSY's most important customer and IDSY is holding a patent that is probably violated in some form by ZIP, who AVIS is set to acquire in March/April 2013. This is a dynamic situation that is very favorable for IDSY in that AVIS the puppetmaster suddenly finds its puppet (IDSY) isn't so controllable anymore. Furthermore, the patent finally brings some publicity to IDSY and the AVIS gag order did not apply when IDSY issued the press release last week. Hertz/Enterprise and others are aware of this patent and the capability offered by the technology.

    I believe that the granting of the patent may be the inflection point that finally brings some recognition to IDSY's 15-year effort in becoming a major player in technology services for the car rental space and that if AVIS elects to forfeit the exclusive use of this technology by not initiating SOW #2 then there will be multiple other profitable opportunities for IDSY to implement this technology at other companies.

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    • "AVIS the puppetmaster suddenly finds its puppet (IDSY) isn't so controllable anymore. "

      I like that. So Avis is now in violation of the patent with their Select N Go. Jagid needs to grow a pair and let the lawsuits fly.

    • according to the companies SEC docs, the exclusivity clause has expired and the 30 day window after expiry has as well. Maybe that is another possible reason for the recent rise; possibly Hertz and/or Enterprise are looking the company over now

      The SEC docs and what the company has publicly stated are at odds. The company publicly has said "sometime in July" for the expiry of the exclusivity period. So do you believe what they say or are their SEC docs filed in error with misstatements?

      One thing to keep in mind is Avis has ZERO patents. Not a single one approved or in process. ZIP has 10 in process but not a single one approved. Hertz has a few with their Eileo subsidiary but Enterprise has over 60 rental patents.

      The time for IDSY to strike is now before ZIP is purchased and before any of their patents get aproved

    • i'd say what it has done is greatly increased the likelihood of some good things coming idsy's way. every stock is bought on speculation of some sort, and the granting of the patent has certainly increased the positive speculative outcomes for the near future.

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