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    It's the patent

    So we're at 5.25 at 2/6 and we're at 6.30 on 2/25, with volume, at least volume for this stock. The correlation is the Patent. So I go search articles and find one by John Cronin of Auto Rental News that discusses how important these patents regarding smartphones and car rental are and specifically locking and unlocking the doors are. I think it said zipcar had one pending but in general companies like Avis were vulnerable because they didn't have any. And what I mean is zipcar had one regarding locking and unlocking the car, they have others. So anyway, is that what's going on? Could part of this be Avis concerned about being vulnerable fron an IP perspective? They lock us up waiting to see if we get the patent? Jagid's comments were pretty strong as DB said. Check the chart on the stock price increase, coincidental? And ya, I was wrong on the select and go, I had read something that sounded like it had to be ours, but it is set up to transition. Anyway, is this coincidental or what? I've always believed they would get whatever they got in the door on because I've been here 7 years and they always have. Their problem has always been getting in the door. This price rise and volume had me stumped a little only because short term, I agree q4 doesn't look good. But check the chart, combined with volume, this may be more than coincidence.

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    • I know everyone thinks this patent is worth tens of millions, but I would be shocked, shocked if they were able to collect more than $1M/qtr in royalties

    • the company thought the patent was important as they put the PR out the day after it was granted. I saw that article you were talking about. It also said Hertz had a bunch of patent and Enterprise had like 60. But I think this patent is unique. I still say a very public lawsuit would be the best PR

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      • Yeh, I'm not sure I get where you're coming from on a very public lawsuit etc. and even your impatience on why Avis hasn't done SOW 2. They have until July on SOW 2 and they are in the middle of Zipcar. Why show their hand while they are in the middle of Zipcar? You attach idsy technology to "virtual"' I don't. I think the technology works great for airport, corporate and even perhaps college. They say that now and Zip management could think they are going to blow up our whole model and the transition gets a lot harder. I've been through 3 major mergers including one with Pfizer and you lose the merging troops, game over. I guess I think there is some strategy going on here beyond today. I could be totally wrong, but I guess I'm thinking it makes sense that the announcement regarding SOW 2 will go right to the end.

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