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  • caseyboy2 caseyboy2 Oct 3, 2013 5:34 PM Flag

    Latest update

    Avis up .02 today, IDSY down 8% on big volume. Institutions leaving in droves. The only thing dblosr, this board's loudest cheerleader, got right about IDSY is when he posted, "IDSY represents everything wrong with America today". I'm surprised IDSY management didn't sue him for libel when he referred to them as "criminals."
    Posts by dblosr:
    1002 posts in 3 months
    1534 posts in 6 months
    2847 posts in 1 year - not to mention all the posts from his aliases - and there are quite a few.
    Dblosr is one sick dude. He spends most of his time on these boards. Obviously he doesn't have a job.
    No wonder his wife is divorcing him. Thank goodness for rich dead relatives because without them this moron couldn't get a job cleaning toilets at MickyD's

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