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  • scallopshells scallopshells May 31, 2012 12:40 PM Flag

    The ever pending grand "Short Squeeze"

    We read about it month after month from the likes of Motley Fool, Seth Jayson, Seeking Alpha, and just about every other person who writes about ENTR... this grand short squeeze that will boost this stock price quickly and will fatten the pockets of all the longs. But with days like yesterday and Wednesday, in down markets we see this stock adding 15% or so over two days with decent volume; everyone needs to realize that the squeeze has been squoozen and all we have to show for it is a $4 stock. There were 30 million shares short 9 months ago, and 11 million 2 weeks ago, and the next report will probably be less than 10 million shares short. So 2/3's of the short positions have covered and the stock is still 1/3 of where the short interest peaked.

    The short positions have covered and those hoping for some grand squeeze need to breathe in some reality.Well played shorters, well played.

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    • 3 up days and the "short squeeze" talk starts again

    • The "short sqweeze" story is always well overstated and it rarely has any significant impact on the stock price because of how the market makers work. Trading transactions of great volume rarely are matched dollar for dollar on the ask and bid prices. That is why you often see large lot trades reported at the end of the day when the orders of the day must be matched up. That is also why the small reatail trader always gets screwed as compared to the large hedge funds and institutions that can get "creative" trades completed because of the transaction fees they pay to the system.

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