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  • semiexperrt semiexperrt Mar 22, 2013 10:19 AM Flag

    "I am not in the Buying Mode" A Patrick Henry Quote On CNBC.

    A couple years ago when ENTR was flying high and being touted as the investment of the year and was a darling of wall street. Patrick Henry came on TV and was asked by Maria Bartrimo if he would buy his companies stock at this level. He fumbled for a couple seconds and said "I am not in the buying mode right now. You could see Maria was perplexed as why a CEO would say something like that on World wide TV. She even made reference to him being one of the strangest CEO'S they ever had on the show a couple days later.

    Well guess what has happened since that moment. The stock has been in a perpetual down slide since that day. In a way you could say he even broke the stock with his comments. He seemed to be going against his fiduciary duty to add value to shareholders with that statement.. What CEO would say that on live TV. I am sure there are others on this board who will remember him saying that statement that day.

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    • doughmaker Mar 22, 2013 10:36 AM Flag

      What is your point? or do you have none.

      Two years ago is a long time. A CEO is not required to buy the company stock. The question by Ms. Bartrimo was out of line. The CEO should not sway buyers or sellers of the stock. The CEO should make decisions that make the company money.

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      • Well I guess your a cheerleader that loves pain. My point is that Patrick Henry has never cared about the stock price as some are suggesting for him to buy shares. That question as out of line. Really. To ask a CEO if he would buy his stock was out of line. Well your clearly a Liberal who thinks tough questions should not be asked. How is that Trident decision going that Henry made to make the company more money. It has turned the company upside down and now they are making a .001 a quarter. Seems your god Henry is human after all. Ignore you go.

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