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  • propaganda_era propaganda_era Jul 2, 2013 7:34 PM Flag

    Company writing off 1.7 million now - to SAVE 9 MILLION PER YEAR thereafter.

    I don't see how you jokers can spin this to the negative. First you bash the man for not doing enough and then when he shows a little chutzpah you trash him. Well Im trashing you chuckroast! SPLAT!! ..(You've been Crushed like a BUG..IGNORE!)

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    • for a few quarters now the company has come up with lowered guidance and ongoing "restructuring initiatives" - so far things have only gotten worse. Clearly the Trident acquisition was a bad move but even the core business has since come under huge pressure from the likes of Broadcom.

      Would expect more bad news on the upcoming conference call with guidance substantially lowered once again. Remember Q3 estimates currently are for an 8% sequential revenue gain which looks simply out of reach given today's news.

      clearly the company has lost its touch and should be avoided as long as the underperformance continues

      perhaps they should look to sell themselves rather sooner than later

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      • I think your opinion of the Trident acquisition is a bit premature and far from unanimous. The specter of Broadcom's coming encroachment was expected long ago and the acquisition was a much needed move to strategically guaranty Entropics competitiveness by preventing a barrier to entry with customers looking for a whole solution provider. Most cable and satellite companies around the world act in this manner. Hagenerikson, your short sightedness will prove to be your downfall. Never but Never short a company with: zero debt, a promising pipeline of bleeding edge technology at the ready, and close to100 million in cash waiting to back it up. To do so would be nothing short of suicidal. Need I remind you that yesterdays move will save Entropic shareholders 9 million dollars per year (add that to the BOTTOM line) in perpetuity, while eliminating the redundancies in the workforce that came as a by product of the recent acquisitions.

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    • Q2 is gone. This is really added help to Q3.

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      • I have seen acquisitions take much longer to acclimate. Which person would I believe at this point?

        I think I will believe Henry at least until Q3. He said the business is in the pipeline. I think I will believe the insiders rather than a short. A lot of people in management agree because they bought based on what they believe to be fact.

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