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  • boardmonitor64 boardmonitor64 Jul 29, 2013 2:20 PM Flag

    Longterm bagholders

    Dbrwerm, cleveland and chuckroast. No one cares what you think will happen this week. You are longterm losers who bought this stock at 8 bucks. You obviously know next to nothing.

    I bought 1000 shares at 3.65 and 1000 at 3.99. I am quite happy with my gains and dont consider 20% gains dead money.

    Its clear you cant trade with the big boys so run along bagholders.

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    • I'm holding 61,000 shares, average is $4.646. Not exactly a "long term bag holder/looser" as you assert. And for your information, I've been trading with the "big boys" for well over 25 years. Very successfully, I might add. Check back to this message in mid 2014 and we'll see who made the right trades!

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    • HILARIOUS! EVERYONE who posts on Yahoo Finance message boards, including YOU and ME, are, as Shakespeare would say, "full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." LOL

    • Um… your investment of 7.6k to purchase 2k in shares hardly makes you a guru either big boy. Enjoy your profit, we are trying to accomplish different things and over the long term is possible for us both to be right.

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      • nice work..boardmonitor64? How original.
        You seem to be forgetting 1 key fact twerp.

        When I first bought ENTR at 3.59 (yes a whole 1000 shares) I knew nothing about their business. I simply bought it because YOU (at the time you paraded your idiocy as texxmexx and kenberthia)were bashing it saying it was going to $3.00. Since your idiocy was so stunning, I simply took the other side of the trade! LOL!

        As I learned more about the company I believed it was undervalued, but had some work to do. I added my second 1000 shares in spite of the fact I was paying nearly 14% more. It is one of my smaller positions which is why I am seldom here. But the simple fact is chuck/maplecery/mstevens/chico/kenbert/texmexx/lousybum/etc.....I OWN YOU!
        Better get busy boy, time is running short for you.
        carry on twerp.

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