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  • airborne_tevent airborne_tevent Oct 1, 2013 10:02 PM Flag

    Is there anyone on this board who can tell me

    Why you own this stock? Sorting through the posts, yet to see any reasoning why I would cover.

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    • When you least expect it...expect it! That is reason enough why you would want to cover very soon. Enough said!

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Well lets see....

      Every major tech company is trying to get into the living room
      Market is growing year over year
      0 Debt, strong balance sheet
      Growing international exposure
      MoCA 2.0 rollout
      Expected return to normalized earnings once Trident is finally integrated
      Possible buyout target
      Just announced 30 million dollar buy back
      Stock is undervalued at these prices

      That said, I could name a few reasons why not to own the stock, but I think at these prices its severely under valued and just a return to profitability and growth (which the company forecasts) will generate returns over the next two years. At these prices the upside potential far supersedes the downside risk.

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      • Well said Cleveland. I first heard about this stock 3 years ago when it was touted in several personal finance magazines both for its potential to connect the living room and as a turnaround play, it was trading in the 7’s when I first bought it. I admit that I know very little about the technology, however I do like the balance sheet. Obviously this has been a terrible investment for many of us but I am not too proud to take a loss here on the only speculative stock that I hold. In fact, I have used this opportunity to average down several times and will now hold through 2014 at least. I’ll continue to buy along the way and feel it will be worth the wait and aggravation. The strong financials protect us from the risk of dilution in the near term they “just” have to execute.

        Sentiment: Hold