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  • greendog03 greendog03 Mar 1, 2011 6:18 PM Flag

    Reality is here and the internet is the real cause

    Another 110 employees without a job - I'm sure maybe a few will be ask to relocate but the majority of these employees will now be part of the have not society. Its interesting what the internet has really done to america - pretty much destroy it from within - allow the out-shoring of jobs , the disappearance of the newspaper and books - a faster society, a more stressful world - higher medical cost, lower quality products - lazier kids, not too mention fatter kids, kids who are not that well versed in math or science, the destruction of the family, people only caring about making a buck at any expense, people not knowing their neighbors, i guess i could go on and on.

    Whats interesting is the state and federal govts still work like the internet doesn't exist - mail deliver 6 days a week , a post office at every corner, libraries in every town - just to name a few - i don't think you need all that stuff with the internet

    But the only way all this stuff is going to get corrected is when it all collapses and companies start focusing in on quality products and compassion instead of the stock price. And the state and federal govts begin to live within their means - never thought why some state works who retire at 60 their pension is basically a winning lottery ticket

    Basically we are not going to make it as a society as a two tier society with haves and have nots - that isn't america - america was built on everybody working together and if you work hard you could make a pretty good life for yourself regardless of your heritage - but times have changed now we are becoming like any other country that has a two tier society - well you are going to have to deal with a lot more crime , a more unstable society that even those with money will not enjoy - yes , if you have a job maybe you dont see where the country is heading - but the dark clouds are forming and if the market cant hold it together then the next recession will be here with a lot more pain for everyone especially when the federal and state govts are running out of money to support the 50 percent who are now dependent on the govt and with more down the road to follow

    Sorry for the rant - but all these companies continue to cut cost, which means less taxes, higher healthcare cost, and more people dependent on the govt - not a pretty picture looking towards the future

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    • Cuts need to start at the top. Your sentiments are good and they are true. There's more at work here than just the internet though. I too feel for the 110 workers, shoot, I was ousted for making a major contribution to productivity and profitability. Managers like that, and those above them who approve of such underhanded dealings need to find themselves in the unemployment line. Until we find a way to chop off the giant's head Courier, as an organization, will continue to slide downhill. You can blame the internet if you want, I'll lay it in the laps of management. Anyone couldn't see this coming was blind as could be. They may have lost 110 jobs at Stoughton, but you can bet whatever work remains in that niche will go to Kendallville now. In the end, the absolute end, those responsible will get their reward, if that's what you want to call it.

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