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  • spade_addict1 spade_addict1 Mar 12, 2008 3:55 PM Flag


    Thats not easy money, that was lucky money. I really thought a bad news release happened. you were lucky, and you will be broke in less than 6 months if that is your trading strategy.

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    • You just don't get it, do you? This stock is seriously oversold, has positive cash flow, has committed to paying its unbelievably high dividend, and is in clear transition with a lack of permanent leadership. Large institutional investors have been selling, while other groups have been buying. When you see a significant sell-off during the day, it's time to buy. And when you get your strike price you sell.

      How have I been lucky? Look at the pattern of trades on IAR over the last two months, and you'll see periodic steep daily declines, followed a recovery through the day.

      Obviously your computer trading programs aren't as good as mine. Mine are not based on luck! But they have proven to be very profitable -- both for long and short side trades.

      IAR is one of many day-traded stocks. If your program tells you when to buy and when to sell, you follow the numbers. I have done that for two years of trading on this weak market, and have made over $3.2 million on day trades. How well are you doing?

      Luck, my ass.