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  • short_bidu short_bidu May 9, 2008 2:34 PM Flag

    I just covered 50,000 shares and.....

    the stock price didn't move a single penny. Based on todays volume I figured a 5 cent bounce which is why I put in a limit 5 cents higher than market. All 50K were filled at the BID not the ASK. I would venture to say that someone is unloading a rather large position on the quiet.

    Good luck in your trade. This stock isn't going any higher anytime soon so if you are not long term I would get out (long or short).

    Based on what just happened to me I would say it might be the last day to get out if your position is 10K shares or more.

    BTW Investment_Guru is an F'n RETARD.

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    • You sound like a complete moron. If you claim it isn't going any higher anytime soon then help me understand why you covered. You sound plain stupid. The reality is you haven't done jack squat and are only trying to manipulate the stock for your own gain - however, you sounud so stupid nobody is going to take yoru advise. I say IAR is on its way north of $5 next week.

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      • I was short 50K shares since yesterday. Profit was almost $1/ share. Volume was drastically decreasing making my chance of covering much riskier. Like most swing traders I really didn't want to sit and watch the paint dry on the wall. The stock will go lower but not in my time horizon. Faster trading stocks bring more money so why not find the next IAR on a huge spike, ride it up and down. I was long 75K shares @ $4.20/share and sold all @ $5.20 on Wednesday. When the stock continued to run up on Thursday due to massive short covering I shorted 50K @ $5.95 and covered today @ $4.99. I made almost $125,000 in 3 days. Why in the world would I stick around to watch the stock slowly drift back to under $4???? Not my style. As you can see by today's volume, the daytraders are gone. Nothing left but the institutional sellers who were not able to get out. Earnings season is over and there is no hope of this stock moving up. It will grind lower for the next few weeks and stay there.

        I'm out of this stock and in CASH and you're still in so..... Who's the MORON.

      • shortbidu is a 29 year old want-to-be. His mother turned her back on him for all of 30 seconds, and he started pounding on his keyboard utter nonsense. First, even if she let him out of the basement for more than an hour a day, he wouldn't know what 50,000 shares short is from the 2 bit crack whore his mother is. Both are not worth the time to answer. That's why I have this moron's avatar on ignore.