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  • HE9412 HE9412 Nov 17, 2008 5:23 PM Flag

    Short Shares

    Can anyone explain how there can be on the order of 50M short shares on the market? How can these people possibly be able to by back the shares on the market when anyone who is going to sell has already done so.

    There may have been a small # of shares sold by those trying to take capital losses, but this is doubtful, given that with everything down, there is little need for most people to sell to reduce basis and cover gains.

    With a short window of tens of days and a most optimistic (from the short seller's point of view) failure of the company years off, how can they expect to make anything?

    A short seller can at most double their money if the stock goes to zero, while normal investors could easily see 1000% return when the stock price turns around. This seems like a crazy method of gambling with certain failure in the long term.

    I bought many companies <$1 during the dot com bust, and made 10x to 50x returns on some of them. I expect that the same will happen here.

    Furthermore, unlike the dot com boom/bust, I believe that this time there is major market manipulation, beyond bogus analyst praises and crazy projections. Once the true cause is uncovered (by the new administration, since the current one is turning a blind eye), I believe that there will be a massive up-swell on the manipulated stocks, including this one.

    If someone could explain why I am wrong, I am interested to learn why.