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  • InvestmentGuru2001 InvestmentGuru2001 Nov 18, 2008 3:53 PM Flag

    BK by Friday

    This company could be trading at $0.01 and valued as worthless by as soon as the end of this week. I've called an attorney to be part of the first of what I am sure will be several class action lawsuits. I'm certain that Klein, at al will be doing some serious jail time when the true facts of their operations come out.

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    • I TOLD YOU SO!!!!

      I predicted $0.01 by tomorrow. It closed today at $0.02. Now the fun starts. CLS ready to be filed. SEC has been notified about improper insider transactions and violation of Sarbane-Oxley. This is going to be great!!! Klein, Harless, the BoD will now be looking at some real jail time. And my lawyer will suck this company dry of any cash it has.

      Klein will probably announce his resignation tomorrow. He can run; but he can't hide. As to the BoD, after we ream their asses, we're going after the VZ BoD for setting up this failure. In two years, shareholders will be getting about $0.50 a share on the settlement.

      I am SO looking forward to the fun!

    • Scott Klein joined the company as CEO this year. He inherited the problems and has no role in the mess.

    • Scott Klein joined the company as CEO this year. He inherited the problems and has no role in the mess.

    • I agree, I expect they will announce it real soon.

    • Even if the stock price goes to zero, as long as the company is making enough money to pay interest, there is no bankruptcy.. on the other hand all stock holders may go bankrupt, but the company will remain.

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      • bankbailouts Nov 20, 2008 4:47 PM Flag

        Exactly ! The PPS has nothing to do with the company and is a very weak indicator for overall health of the company itself ! There is so much more that goes into the value of a PPS including the biggest now and that is fear and lack of knowledge of whats really going on ! Ther is the Idiot on here that all he can post is BK by 4pm , BK by Friday , Bk , Bk , Bk , with no DD to indicate any nonsense about a BK ! They have hundreds of million in Revenue and in fact met their last debt payment ! So how the hell is that a copnay that is heading into BK ? That jack a s s is trying to fit a circle into a square and just wants to get as many shares for as cheap as he can and scare you out of yours ! I got news for you the float is gone , shares have dried up and the shorts are now going to have to cover something that will be impossible for them to do ! Shrts have no balls so they are done here and will not chase a rocket that is about to launch ! AH trading means someting is up and it is not BK ! MMs would not toch it and whatever house got stuck with BK shares would have to sit in them ! The MMs have over the last 3 weeks manipulated the hell out of this from 80 cents down to 5 ! Now after hours they shared back and forth with the cheap shares they accumulated and stole and are going to blow it up now and sell themn back to the general public at a astronomical % increase ! That is the game ! That is how they play it ! It would be nice to be an MM ! They are probably the closest thing to a theif as it gets and still be shadily legal because it is a game ! They want your shares and do not give a rats ass what PPS you bought it at ! They they want to raise the PPS they will when thier houses are holding the majorty of them ! This is our money they are playing with not IARs !

      • I've seen companies trade better than this after filing BK. This market is just brutal, no one is holding up the pps for speculation plays. Even more amazing that people are still baching this stock at .13

    • why BK? The company makes money, pays her debt on a timely basis.
      It seems to me will see a big fast 400-500 rally within next several days.

    • When there is a CLS .I am sure I will get the letter. and I will get my $2, That you get every time there is a settlement.
      No way he will do jail time They all should
      (along with the Bunch from RHD & VZ)
      But No laws except moral ones are ever broken.

      Watching this company die( I can not even say in flames)
      is like a SLOOOWWWWWWW torture.