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  • InvestmentGuru2001 InvestmentGuru2001 Jan 22, 2009 4:02 PM Flag

    I bought another 100,000 shares

    earlier today at 8 cents. I now hold over 2 million shares. Average price 6.2 cents. I'm walking the walk with my wallet. Are you? My prediction? Idearc will be over $1 by December of this year and relisted on NYSE in February of 2010.

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    • The market makers allow it because it is perfectly legal to cover a short position by buying shares, replacing those that were borrowed. Or are you incorrectly using "cover" to mean they are selling shares?

    • Ive seen this before , IMO , the shorts have been covering all this time so as to maximize their profits. The market makers allow this because the SEC turns a blind eye to it.The whole stock market is corrupt to the core and unless our new administration enforces the laws that are suppose to prevent the raping of shareholders this will eventually erode investor confidence completly and destroy our whole financial markets. This already is happening. The rules benefit those behind the curtains and the rest of us get stuck holding the bag ! When shorty has made his millions then suddenly the stock may appreciate but i dont expect a short squeeze considering the fear and manipulation that prevents investors confidence. I'd say that they are almost ready to let her run. GLTA

    • Based on the price of the 2016 Bond trading at less than the next interest payment due, the stock certainly does NOT appear undervalued at 8 cents per share.

      All of this talk about the stock going to $1 is pure fantasy based on the pricing of the debt.

      If you believe that Idearc really has a chance at long-term survival, you are much better off buying the bonds as opposed to the stock.

    • I agree but I like the bonds better. With
      so much debt the bond holders really own
      the company.