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  • tbo4545 tbo4545 May 14, 1999 1:42 PM Flag

    Vista will rule this market

    VINF has been making deals and once everything is
    in place, the margins will be sky high. Looking
    forward to more companies signing on with VINF and once
    more analysts notice this co. I can see 25 in the near

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    • then, I might understand you

    • I'm not anticapitalist. I'm just anti-VINF and
      even more so,
      anti-divermon. Anti-devermon BIG
      TIME. Capish? Get it? Understand? See the picture?
      Looking into your cloudy crystal ball? Your all the

    • <EOM>

    • or just a sore loser? No one likes to face paper
      losses, but the simple fact remains that this is not a
      profitable business, it is a speculative stock, and a great
      short IMHO. They have not proven that they can grow
      earnings so deserve the current falling valuation.

    • for losing money should not be in the market.

      Good Luck.

    • rather then offering market price to help reverse the downward sprial, I wish you the worst that anyone can possible endure,

    • I am better informed than you give me credit for.
      If you look at my financial analysis on this company
      from a year ago you will find that my analysis was on
      target. This company's financial structure is weak at
      best, and one year from now when the company declares
      bankruptcy you can come back to this post and know that you
      were informed in advance.

      Take a look at my
      old posts and tell me if I was wrong!!

    • divermon--i agree---this company is not growing
      revenues as can be seen by the pooling numbers---they
      continue to miss their numbers---and the investment
      community has lost confidence hence the drop from 10to4.
      The take over of moore is probably now in jeopardy
      and i also believe many traders knew the quarter was
      bad as it continued to meet resistance in the upper
      10's, there was selling into the rallies. The issue has
      now become a trading stock looking for 1-2 point runs
      and drops. I owned this issue at 9 and sold at the
      opening on the earnings announcement which was a
      disaster. I have re-established my position at 4 and will
      only look for a trade. It will be some time before it
      returns to double digits.

    • I have been out of touch with this board for a
      while, but your question brought me back. I was able to
      close my postition just before earnings due to a
      technical weakness that presented itself at around $11 or
      so. VINF simply couldn't break through what seemed to
      be a new resistance level at that price. I got out
      before earnings with the hope of buying back post
      announcement. I did not get back in yet, but probably will once
      the dust settles and VISTA has some positive news. We
      are close to a new upward resistance level now and
      will probably trade a bit lower before we trickle
      upwards again.

      Fundamentals are questionable with
      all of the debt and new alliances/purchases taking
      place, but the niche that VINF wants to play in is
      valid. This company will succeed, but unfortunately at
      the expense of the share price short term.

      had a lot of money in this one about 4 months ago. I
      had only 1/3 of that amount left just before earnings
      and sold out a few days before. I still believe in
      what Vista is doing and will invest again.

      luck to all longs.


    • Nope, Unfortunaely I was not in Vanguard 500
      before it was closed to new investors, but am into
      Vanguard Primecap, Twentieth Century Ultra and Aetna Large
      Cap Index for retirement. Trying to make a buck in
      the straight stocks is tough right now if you are not
      daytrading. All my porfolios from mid April are DOWN. Looks
      like I should put Vista into my retirement portfolio (
      16 years) for a potential half way decent payback.

      Best of luck to you

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