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  • netstockman netstockman Aug 13, 1999 8:21 PM Flag

    Vista will rule this market

    Now that VINF is in the cyber home listing
    business with, what about the MLS
    exclusives with Homestore's (HOMS) Even though
    VINF has the MLS books, they probably cannot provide
    numerous metro areas on the Internet because of these
    exclusives. This may provide with much greater
    coverage than all other online listing services for the
    next couple of years. As a result, Cyberhomes could be
    second or third rate.

    Also, the the layout of
    CyberHomes stinks. Try to use the mapping component of this
    site; it's lousy. VINF has some tremendous
    possibilities, but these two issues about limited coverage and
    the need to overhaul CyberHomes site has not been
    mentioned on this board yet, and are important issues for