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  • my_luck_is_all_bad my_luck_is_all_bad Aug 15, 2002 4:40 PM Flag

    How does it feel?

    How does it feel to own the worst casino stock? BYD, ISLE, AZR, all up 6-10% and ASCA a pathetic 2% laggard AGAIN! BYD, ISLE, and plenty of others set to make new highs, and this POS isn't even close to its 50 dma, and is still down almost 40%. I'll bet you shareholders must be about ready to take out the worthless idiot CEO and beat him senseless (well, he's already pretty senseless, so that might be hard). He's never going to say ANYTHING to help out shareholders. There must not be any good news at all. I guess ASCA shareholders must just like getting shafted by the CEO and analysts. Actually, there don't seem to be many posters here anymore. Maybe everyone came to their senses and dumped this dog before the CEO releases whatever bad news is dragging it down.

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