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  • sluggo_777 sluggo_777 Aug 26, 2002 3:24 PM Flag


    It appears Ameristar has put in a good base at $17. The next big piece of news that will affect the stock price is the Missouri Gaming report, which should come out in early September.

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    • Wow!! I am back from vacation and glad to see this stock doing so well. Can't wait to read the postings I missed from all the short sellers :)

    • Gotta keep the emotions out of it, even if you think this stock is best thing since sliced bread. I put in a stop loss at 15.0

      Going out of town for two and a half weeks. I'd hate to lose everything in that span. Much rather come back a rich man with ASCA at 30+... but i doubt it.

      Worst case scenario: Stock goes down to 4.25 after they announce layoffs, taxes, and everything else Bad Luck talks about.

      Best case scenario: Stock never goes down, and they get bought out later this month by MGG or HET, then pop up to 26.5

      Realistic: I return and the stock has formed a real base and maneuvered up to 19.

      Cheers and Good Luck!

    • I think you will see $11-13 before $20.
      So, $17 might not be that good an entry price.

    • Nicklem,
      The stock may go down a little more depending on how the market behaves, but I feel pretty good about this stock at a entry point of $17. If you have a time horizon of six months to a year, based on Asca's fundamentals, it looks like a pretty good investment.

    • A base? You must be kidding. This stock drops $5 in a week on monster volume, and then turns and goes up 30 cents, and you call that a base? I guess you just don't understand the concept of a base. This is just an oversold bounce, and a pretty pathetic one at that. If the stock is stays at this level for a week, then maybe you can say it is basing. Otherwise,there's just as much chance this puppy will continue its slide tomorrow as there is for it to go higher. Actually the chance is greater that it will go down, because the idiot CEO refuses to tell investors what is really going on. Until he does, the speculation will continue, and uncertainty is never good for a stock.

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      • I guess you know more about the way this stock performs then anyone else on this board. I stated �it appears we have made a good base at $17�. Maybe I�m wrong and maybe your right, but I think everyone has a right to comment on this board without being attacked if they don�t agree with your sentiment.
        You keep mentioning the CEO having something to do with a drop in the stock price, as if it�s a conspiracy. I don�t think he can control what happens to the stock price if it is purely market driven. You stated �With the HUGE downside volume this week, it seems likely to me that Buffalo Fund is already dumping. There's been way over a million shares traded in the last 3 days. Who else would have that many shares to dump?� Your comment gives the impression that the fund managers have insider information and are dumping the shares. This seems pretty far-fetched considering the SEC would track this trading very easily. Do you think the CEO has a connection with the action of this fund, if we follow your premise? I will respect your comments and opinions, but if you want to get in a pissing match, so be it.