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  • joe_the_shoulder joe_the_shoulder Oct 18, 2002 11:48 AM Flag

    Waves crashing down on Archeroo

    ASCA longs must feel like they are swimming against the tide these days. The stock continues down - meanwhile the general markets are experience a huge rally.

    Wave theory offers the same validity as astrology. A stock price is not some form of electromagnetic radiation. It is a function of news, economic climate and investor sentiment.

    Archeroo, how does your wave theory explain ASCA's 60% haircut from 32 to 14? The answer can't. And all your number crunching can do is predict short-term movements in stock price. You might be right, you might be wrong. But even a broken clock is correct twice per day.

    Bottom line for ASCA longs is that stock has become OUT OF FAVOR. Why? I don't know. But looking at the numbers and thinking the stock is "cheap" is a fools game, because you aren't privy to the same information as the big money moving this stock. And by the time you are, it will be far too late. I fear for some that time has come already.

    Its no crime to make a bad investment decision, but refusing to see the light and throwing good money after bad can be devastating.

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    • You never did answer my question: Why are you a brand new Yahoo profile, why is ASCA the only stock board you have ever posted too, what is your position (short?)on ASCA, and why should anyone with a brain pay any attention to your moronic bashing?

      There is no "big money" moving this stock. A few hundred thousand shares in volume a day? Big Money?

      You're an idiot.

      • 1 Reply to livingdeadmustdie
      • 1. I post on several boards, have been around a long time, and last updated (not created) my profile on Sept 27. I am not "brand new".

        2. I'm not short on ASCA, and I'm not "bashing" the stock. I think Wall Street has done a pretty good job of that. I'm only bashing the bullshit wave theory and the desperate long lemmings holding onto the last shred of hope because of it.

        3. I don't care if you don't pay attention to me. Money always moves move dumb to smart, and the profiteers needs guys like you in there.

        Now, here's some questions for you:

        1. At what point in your bagholding would you cut your losses and admit you made a mistake in buying this pig? My guess is never and that you'd average down to penny stock territory.

        2. Why is it when there are several voices going against your opinion that you rationalize that it must be only one person with multiple aliases?

    • It's hard to disagree with you, Joe.

      This stock is confusing. I have access to all the published research you could imagine -- broker analyst reports, local and regional news, trade publications, market research, charts/graphs, wave analysis (ha!), and nothing tells me that this stock should be sour.

      Now we learn that the CEO has been named top rated.

      What gives?