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  • ntsme2 ntsme2 Apr 1, 2009 6:37 PM Flag

    Fun over for now

    Great short-term call on Isle...getting in yesterday would have been a nice return for a day trade. Could have truned every $500 into $600 quickly. Gotta love that.
    LOL - Booneville is the middle of nowhere. Maybe some congress folks would go from Jeff City and maybe trucker drivers passing through would stop there, but college students generally don't have the $$$ to gamble much. Not many will travel from STL or KC.

    No recollection of Pete's. Just remember hearing stories about that being the state's juvenile correction center.

    Spreadsheet is pretty good. I see is paying a lot less per patron that Harrah's. Not surprised, always do better at Harrah's. For some reason the tables there are very kind to me. ASCA wins are pretty rare, but still a lot of people like that better.