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  • ntsme2 ntsme2 Apr 30, 2009 10:43 AM Flag

    Kudo's to ASCA shareholders

    Congrats to all holders here...I know John's been holding and doing a great job of updating progresses of ASCA.
    Peresonally, I've traded in and out at least 5x for a couple points...but alas, was asleep at the wheel for the big run. Actually they had me in too much work and didn't get a chance to check :)

    Other good plays in the meantime, sold out of BAC (another fav here) for almost a double. Picked up LVS couple days ago in mid 6's. Looking to sell soon for a regional like this that hasn't had big run (PNK has run some as has Isle though they may have more). ASCA could have a lot more to go and am watching closely. They took a bunch of my money in st. louis last weekend!

    Good Luck on ASCA and hope to be back on it soon!