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  • defeatislamofacists defeatislamofacists Sep 14, 2009 10:12 PM Flag

    1st claSS ALL THE WAY

    Blackhawk is just the begining of a top run casino!! Like this stock at this level, not overpriced like some of the other plays

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    • good write up in motley fool on gaming including ameristar

    • your article had a lot merit but i think this stock will go back to 20 plus.
      chicago was a bad deal, management waste no time and wrote off there mistake 300 million in 2008 and took the tax break,removed john boushy
      from the company .if you play at asca you are comp but if your just looking for free food and money your out of luck. asca been comp 55 million last three quarters .it not only the free cash but its the tax that asca have to pay on it. asca have made some great deals kansas city and
      st louis was a great deal from station casino put ameristar on the map
      50 cents on the dollar because station had to leave missouri black hawk was another great deal . vickburg councill bluff have been good property
      build from the ground up

    • like a lot of individuals on a craps table the dice have turned on this stock and your not paying attention to the fundamentals, the bean counters are in full reign here. 2 to 3 years ago this company was being run by its human resource department and as typical was throwing money away left and right and trying to buy market share and then spent 300 million to much for a good chicago property, not the dawg they bought. Now our outstanding corporate team with their overly developed brain pans finally got the message when the market took this recent dip. Unforunately, instead of learning to manage their costs and control excesses they sent the bean counters in who went after expenses with a chain saw instead of a scapel. Look for a continuing drop in overall revenue as they continue to cut services in a service industry. Stock will be around 12 by Jan., unless they stop trying to give away their player base. Stock will be less if they continue to cut indiscriminately. Short to 12.

    • the hotel open in 14 days sept 29 grand opening oct 8. ex dividend sept 24

    • the hotel open in 14 days sept 29 grand opening oct 8. ex dividend sept 24