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  • scubagallager scubagallager Oct 2, 2012 1:04 PM Flag

    Okay now I believe we are going to at least 50 cents if not 60 cents

    With these last two PR's they released, I get a fire in my pants and its saying we are going up I say, UP! This news is so exciting and promising. I cant believe they left out the word "Promising" in these releases.

    We are all gonna be rich I say RICH beyond belief,.

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    • PR deconstruction:

      We "anticipate" meeting with companies with proprietary therapeutic cells, such as stem cells, that can leverage their technology with our Cell-in-a-Box(R) delivery system.

      So what they are saying is that they have no meetings scheduled however they might meet people in the industry who will look at them and say no thank you.

      We "believe" the new contacts we make will expand our customer base and increase the use of cell and gene therapy for making therapeutic products and treating diseases.

      This state that if they do meet new contacts as anticipated it could help expand their business and use of the technology.

      We will also be promoting our Bac-in-a-Box(R) technology for the first time at this meeting and "anticipate" generating interest around its potential."

      And again anticipate that it may generate interests.

      Sounds to me like if the stars totally align they might meet new cell companies and contact that they believe will help expand business to generate more interest.

      WOW such impactful PR. This PR is going to do so much for them. So much for anything thing useful