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  • jetpilotdan jetpilotdan Aug 7, 2013 9:49 PM Flag


    The criminals are short-selling bashers, and illegal stock manipulators, who repeatedly post outrageous known lies or distorted half-truths with a dogged determination and single-minded purpose – use any means possible to drive the stock price down.

    In the small and micro cap market, most increases in value to a stock occur when more people buy more shares. Any such occurrence will automatically result in relentless postings that the company is a pump and dump scheme. The bashers will post as many as a dozen posts at a time under multiple aliases in order to dominate a chat board. On some message boards that give you the option, they continuously post under multiple aliases with a strong sell sentiment, even if they may only post about the weather or some other nonsense post, so that a person visiting that chat board would see an overwhelming majority of the posts and posters with a strong sell sentiment. They disparage the company’s products, employees, management, business plans, and anything else about the company so they can create serious doubt about the company in the minds of investors and potential investors. They post their opinions but make them appear to be facts. They make very slanted interpretations of anything the company does as if they were giving an expert analysis, with their conclusions always being the most negative they can be. When the company issues a positive press release, they state that the press release is all hype, released only to increase the stock price. If an insider makes a sale or exercises an option, they post false claims that management is dumping the stock because it is getting ready to drop. They ask questions about the company and its products such as: “What studies have they done to prove that their products are safe?” and “What’s to say that their products don’t cause cancer?” and “Don’t you think that the SEC should look into the way this company does business?” All comments made are negative or are cleverly and carefully worded posts intended to damage the company, by either giving people the idea that the company’s products are unsafe or cause cancer, that the company’s management is incompetent or dishonest, or to make people think that the company is doing something illegal and needs to be investigated by the SEC.

    Honest investors, who happen upon the board, will often get buyers remorse from seeing an overwhelming negative sentiment and immediately “panic sell” the stock, which creates additional downward pressure and serves the criminal campaign well. Occasionally, an investor will attempt to say something positive about the company, but the resulting attacks on them will be vicious, thereby hurting their confidence in their investment decision and causing them to promptly abandon the board and usually the stock altogether. They simply do not realize that the bashers are on the board 24 by 7 because that is their job. That is how they earn their living.

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