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  • rory1_2000 rory1_2000 Oct 22, 2013 10:36 PM Flag

    Lest we forget what the fed and business; and hence the public, ALL benefit from:

    Each year R&D Magazine ranks the 100 most important innovations from the past year. Recent analysis of their 2011 rankings showed that seventy-seven of those hundred had been funded at least in part by the federal government. The number of major innovations from Fortune 500 Companies, meanwhile, had fallen from an average of thirty-six per year in the 1970's to four per year in the 2000's. Those from government labs rose from nine per year to thirty-two per year over the same period. As the wall street journal noted, of Larry Summer's declaration that "the government is a #$%$ venture capitalist" seems to have been dead wrong.
    ~Under the sway of Bowles-Simpson thinking, we are now spending less than ever on R&D. Budget sequestration is likely to knock more than $50 BILLION off the nation's federal R&D spending through 2017. This will cut funds for science and medical research, the Agriculture and Energy Departments, and NASA.
    In a world in which everyone agrees on the importance of innovation, dumb ideas are inhibiting innovations most prolific source.

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    • Let's just all work for the government. Let's give more so that we may all benefit more. You're going to give 90 percent of what you earn. Right Rory? You would have no problem with that, would you?

      No buddy my brain is fine. I'm just fed up with the direction our country is going. I have a right to express my opinion and how I feel about things do I not? I think Obama is the worst president EVER. Romney was right. There is a segment that voted for him for what they could get. I believe that now. I would vote that way too if I had no job and needed help. I would vote for the guy that says I will take from others and give to you. Now if that offends some I'm so sorry. But I see that as the truth. Obama care is going to blow up in everyone's face. You watch and see. I 'm seriously thinking about dropping my insurance tomorrow.



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