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  • quickstoltz quickstoltz Jan 27, 2014 3:16 PM Flag

    Bios seem to be swinging with the market.

    Everything on my watch list anyhow seems to be swinging along with the market.

    State Of The Union Address will be jammed packed with how everything is going to get so much better and how everything is coming right along as planned. YET We will still have lot's of work to do. L.O.L. Don't believe your own eyes and real life experience. Believe what Obama says in the State Of The Union Address and everything will be alright. L.O.L.


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    • that is sooo funny.... its interesting how obama is such a disaster but everyone in the press just falls over him
      what has he done????
      last note .... pot not a big deal.... really watch all the new budding addicts....
      i have worked many years in the area of addictions... and to say that pot is not addicting is insane!

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      • 3 Replies to pokeysun
      • I somewhat agree pokey.
        It isn't addictive as in having withdrawal symptoms and I say more of a mental dependency over a chemical dependency (but then again I haven't smoked the stuff that is on the streets now).
        But as far as everyone saying it makes you worthless and lazy is where I definitely don't agree.
        I smoked and functioned normally where as some of my friends became lazier and others I knew didn't get lazy.
        Is it better then alcohol? yes I do believe it is.
        most people who smoke weed and go into public are paranoid unlike with alcohol.
        Do people beat up spouses when angry and drunk. YES
        Do they when stoned. Only if you eat the last of the Doritos I will. (sorry just trying to add humor to this).
        The taxes generated from legalized marijuana will be a tremendous help with the deficit.
        The money saved my not fighting the drug war ( some or all of that can go to fighting the harder drugs).
        The millions of people in jail for marijuana possession or sales will save taxpayers millions upon millions of dollars. ($25,000 a year on average).

      • Pokesun,

        I have to disagree with you. I have been smoking pot four, five, six times a day for over thirty five years. It is NOT addictive. L.O.L.

        My heath care insurance and my wifes is doubling. Am I happy about that? Not no, but hell no. I voted for him because he said my health care insurance would be dropped by 2500 dollars. Not double.

        He said he would be transparent. He has not been transparent.

        He said he would bring us together. He has divided and created animosity, rich against the poor. I'm not rich but I experience people not wanting to pay me because they think I have enough and owe them something . No kidding.

        Print that money. Now inflation and the poor man is hurting over it. Poor man hurts I hurt.

        I am very disappointed in this president. He can't get out of there soon enough for me.


      • one more note... if you state that you dont agree with his crazy policies..they say you a racist. ughhh.
        so pathetic I could care less about the color of his skin!!!

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