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  • oni_kin oni_kin Jun 22, 2010 4:23 PM Flag

    Warning! ZQK always down during the Summer, anyone know the reasons?

    I don't want to get anyone worried, I'm neither short or long on this stock *right now*. I sold out during last week 's rally in the upper 4's.

    However, working from an assumption that Quicksilver should do it's best in the summer since its brand is so closely associated with summer and summer sports (surfing, skateboarding, etc.), I looked at the chart and was shocked.

    Going back to the 90's, almost without fail, there is a pattern of this stock being stagnant at best and usually down during May-September. Best up times vary but are usually Fall and late-Winter to early-Spring

    Looking at this, and I don't know why this pattern is there, but it's there nonetheless - I can only recommend buying this stock thinking it's too undervalued compared to the market and retail sector. Or just think that this year's market is just too unpredictable so you are going to gamble with it.

    Before thinking like I did initially (it HAS to go up during the summer), please look at every May-September period every year. You may be surprised.

    If you've seen this trend and discounted it for this year, I'd really like to know the reasons. I'm very hopeful for this stock, but just don't know about this Summer, especially with expectations that 2Q Retail reports will be bad...

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