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    Any suggestions.....?

    Started building a short position in this a few weeks ago. Would have liked to have doubled my postion today but short too many shares to double down in one shot. Increased by 50%. Will short the other 50% next week if it moves up to 9 bucks. Some of the valuations out there on the small caps are just absurd..... I am also short SBGI. I bought that stock for a couple of bucks maybe 4 years ago and I don't think it's in much better shape now than it was then. It's trading at $33..... Any suggestions for short positions would be appreciated - anything that relies on discretionary income, has too much debt and looks like it could be headed for BK when we go into recession!

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    • I recommend against shorting any stock.
      Going long has infinite upside profit potential.
      Going short has limited upside profit potential.
      Going short has risk: I have seen some fast and furious short-covering rallies.
      As for QZK, this stock should be back to $2, as the sales and profits are going down.
      The rally since earnings on December 12 makes no sense to me.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • I think analysts are looking at enterprise value and figuring the brands have a lot of value. It's one of those stocks that will go to zero if the markets crash again and a deflationary cycle starts; however, the funny money will find it's way into these stocks and of course, it can certainly go higher - rising tides and all that.... Upgrades due to cost savings during a quarter when the company hasn't made a profit is absurd IMO but the whole market is proped up with endless liquidity, so.......

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