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  • squeezetracker squeezetracker Jan 22, 2014 10:11 AM Flag

    The Collapse to Below $5

    is all but certain when they report next month...

    This new "management" team is disassembling the fragments left of this once great company. They have missed guidance every q since the new ceo came in, the cfo is a clueless green eyeshade dude, and now they are no longer providing guidance. LOL

    What else? All three of the lines -- Quik and the women's and shoes lines -- are seeing sales fall off a cliff (no one who speaks english wants to wear these dead brands -- Asians and Indians only are still buying them). The only thing that was better last Q was the online sales which were up 22%, but 22% of peanuts is peanuts.

    The plan? Slash and burn staff, marketing, costs and production capacity and cut the hell out of the product lines. Then completely reposition the shoe business to WMT quality so they can compete on price? This company has always been about superior quality and lifestyle "styles"... not competing on price.

    They are walking dead alright, and so are those who own this POS stock.

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    • it got to below $6.70 before bouncing on lame enthusiasm of what must be older age pm who don't understand ZQK and DC Brands are both dead... so is Roxy.

      But don;t take my word for it -- ask any kid who speaks English what (s)he thinks of those brands. LOL