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  • squeezetracker squeezetracker Mar 6, 2014 5:34 PM Flag

    Give it a week to cascade down HARD

    All of the pm who have been chasing this are going to listen to this call and fire their retail analyst who suggested getting long the "turnaround plan." It has been more like a "self-impalation, kamakazi torpedo plan."

    Battle cry: "Cut costs, fire all the marketing staff, whack the product lines, go down market with the shoes and find non-English speaking markets who might buy these dead brand products, even if you need to call Russia the best new market. LOL

    As i this, ceo is talking about a #$%$ strip mall where they refurbed a storefront and turned it into the "model store" for turning things around... this guy should be on SNL as the new comedian! And now he's talking about small store beach distribution in Brazil, land of poverty, for Roxy?? Holy S... so much for the once proud Quik brand -- top quality and expensive lifestyle clothing!

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    • Stock was just below $8 when I wrote that in early March

      Sometimes in life, when someone comes along trying to share perspective and it is obvious he/she knows more than we do on a given topic, it presents us with the opportunity to learn if only we can open our minds and bridle out human inclination to disregard comments that do not comport with our own predispositions and "beliefs."

      At times, it can even save or make us nice coin...

      Here's to hoping the cheerleaders will chase this up above $7 again so we can get comfy shorting again before big drop round 5.

    • Fun thread to review for those trying to understand what happened here... it was all plain to see it coming.

    • "Give it a week to cascade down hard."

      It took 3 weeks to begin the toppling...

      What happened to the guy telling me that "you are out of touch" when the stock was still above at $8 telling us how this is going to $10+ in a hurry? Are they still walking around Huntington Beach in their "Members Only" jackets? LOL

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